Color Combos I Love: Part Three {Beachy Blues}

I’ve been so terrible about posting lately! I’m excited to finally share the third installment of color combos I love. I decided to showcase a color that I haven’t really blogged about at all… Blue!  To be honest, I like blue but it’s always been my sister, Michele’s color.  If we were playing a game that required choosing colors, hers was blue.  She was always wearing blue, it was her favorite color.  It has kind of stuck, and even now when shopping blue makes me think of her.  So, while I love blue it will not be one of the colors I use for my wedding.. but that doesn’t mean I can’t have fun styling a blue wedding here on the blog!

A romantic destination wedding set on a tropical beach would be so much fun- and the perfect place to incorporate.. you guessed it the color blue!

Seriously, could you have a more naturally breathtaking ceremony setting than this one at the St. Regis Bali Resort.  I think not!

St. Regis Bali Resort

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Bridesmaid Looks I’m Loving

I’ve recently finalized my bridal party decisions—but I’ve yet to actually ask anyone yet. While I prepare to ask everyone, I’ve been doing some brainstorming! I created a secret board on Pinterest, and went crazy pinning bridesmaid dresses I love.    This way, once I ask each person, I’ll give her access to the board so she can see what I’m thinking. I thought this would be a good way to share and gather feedback from everyone at once.  Then when we go to the store to try on dresses we can focus our efforts.

Since I just can’t wait I thought I’d share a few of my favorites here with you all!  I’d love to know what you think!  Ignore the colors of the dresses below; these are just the designer’s sample pictures.  If you want more information on the dresses you can click on the pictures, and they’ll bring you to the website where you can see sizing, color and price information!

I don’t think I want my bridesmaids to wear long dresses- because it could be pretty warm at the end of May.  With that being said, I’m not completely ruling out a long dress- here are a few longer dresses that I found and liked:

I’m obsessed with the neckline of this dress ! It definitely needs something right where the seam is between the top and bottom– and I personally think it would look absolutely stunning in black with a pretty (sparkly!) belt/sash

Jim Hjelm Bridesmaid Dress JH5350

Jim Hjelm Bridesmaid Dress JH5350

Another long dress with a unique neckline is this number by Alfred Sung (you’ll see a shorter version below, because I like the style so much!)  I think accessorizing this dress with a necklace might be too much, so I’d probably go for some gorgeous statement earrings.

Alfred Sung Bridesmaid Dress D495

Alfred Sung Bridesmaid Dress D495

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What’s Your Wedding Vision?


Before you start making any big wedding decisions, I think it’s crucial to have a vision. Having a developed vision will also make decision making for your wedding easier.

When I sat down to define my wedding vision at first it was difficult.. there are so many options! This is great, but it can be totally overwhelming. Here are my tips to help you develop a wedding vision.

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Wedding Tool: ColorScope

This weekend while browsing Pinterest, I came across Paper Source’s Colorscope and thought it was brilliant! The purpose of the Colorscope as written by papersource is to: let our color palette tell you more about yourself.

I didn’t really think about how the colors you select, really do say a lot about the kind of person you are. Since I enjoyed this tool, I thought you might as well! Be sure to let me know if you think the Colorscope is totally right, or totally wrong describing you based on your wedding colors!

2012 Colorscope by Paper Source

2012 Colorscope by Paper Source



Color Combos I Love: Part Two {Black, White, and Bling}

This is the second of four color combos I love. Today I’m going for a classic, modern, and luxurious city wedding. I’m envisioning a color palette of black and white, with accents that sparkle!

When I think of classy city wedding venue, the Four Seasons New York – Pool Room instantly comes to mind. It’s a beautiful room for a wedding, and I love the pool in the center, especially when the ledge is filled with glowing candles.

Four Seasons Pool Room

I really like the use of rectangular tables, I think it can be quite striking. However, I’d switch out the black chairs pictured above with some black chivari chairs. In using rectangular tables, I think it’s important to use low centerpieces to keep conversation easy. I really like the use of candles and roses below.

Table Floral

Now that we’ve got the venue details hammered out, I think it’s important to ensure the invitation matches. An invitation is the guests first impression of your wedding, and I really believe it’s important to remain consistent. Below I’m highlighting two invitations I feel capture this wedding’s vibe. The first is Orchestra by Minted I really like the font on this invitation- it’s romantic and classy.

Orchestra Wedding Invitations

The second invitation I like, is Elegant Vows by Wedding Paper Divas I think this invitation is a bit more formal than the other option. Both would be an excellent invitation choice.

Elegant Vows Black

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I originally had something else planned for today– but I’m bursting at the seams with excitement because I’m 99.99% sure we found our reception venue last night!

I’m going to refrain from posting all the details until its a sure thing.. but I can share that it’s beautiful, local, and we’ve heard rave reviews about the food. G and I both fell in love with it last night and knew it was ‘the one’. We’re going to do dinner at their restaurant next week with my family. As long as everything goes well, we should be signing a contract by the end of the month!