Bon Voyage

Remember all of those things I wrote about on Monday that I wanted to get done this week?  Yep, I basically got none of them done! It’s been a crazy week with lots of changes coming up (more to come).  I’ve been doing a lot of living life, and not a lot of blogging.

Friday, after work Logan and I hopped on a plane and headed down to Florida for our cruise! We are heading to Haiti, Jamaica, and Mexico for a week of fun in the Caribbean sun!  If you’ve been reading here for more than a nanosecond, you probably know that this week will generally encompass all of my favorite things- the sun, the ocean, drinking, and relaxing. We had an awesome time yesterday, and are packing up to head over to port today.  So I’ll probably be MIA (again) for another week, but when I return I’m sure I’ll have tons of fun photos to share, and stories to tell!

For now, I’ll leave you with three of my favorite photos from yesterday.

Peacocks in Ft. Lauderdale

Peacocks in Ft. Lauderdale

Logan and I on Hollywood Beach

Logan and I on Hollywood Beach

Oasis of the Seas the sister ship to the one we're sailing on, Allure of the Seas.

Oasis of the Seas the sister ship to the one we’re sailing on, Allure of the Seas.


Hope you all have an amazing week! 



Hawaii – Day 6

Sunday was our final day in Hawaii.  We spent the morning at the hotel pool, then checked out and took a drive to Mount Tantalus for a final view of the city before heading to the airport to catch our flight.  G’s first trip to Hawaii was a great success.  It was just what we needed to relax and recharge!  I’ll leave you with our view from Mount Tantulas:


Have you ever been to Hawaii? Would you like to go someday?


Hawaii – Day 5 {The Island Tour}

The whole week I looked forward to Saturday, our fifth day in Hawaii.  I was so excited for it, because it was island tour day!  I can’t take credit for this tour, my friend who used to live in Hawaii actually took me on this island tour last year when I visited.  If you’re staying in Honolulu, I would highly reccommend getting out of the city, and checking out the entire island.


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Hawaii – Day 4

On our fourth day in Hawaii we headed to Pearl Harbor.  I was a bit nervous because when I tried to get tickets online on the National Park Service website it said they were all sold out. I heard sometimes if you get there early, they have tickets leftover and you can get some, so we headed out and arrived there a little after 8am.  On the way we made a quick pit stop at this amazing bakery one of my friends who lived in Honolulu took me to last year, Leonard’s. Leondard’s is famous for their Malasadas I can’t even begin to describe how great these little treats are,so  I’ll let this picture do the talking:


They are filled with a variety of fillings custard, dobash (chocolate), haupia (coconut) and other flavors of the month.  Mmmmm! (Now I want a Malasada!) I got the custard, G got the dobash.  They were a totally sweet way to start the day.

We arrived at Pearl Harbor a little past 7, walked right up to the desk and got tickets for the 9am tour.  We wandered around checking out the different sites as we waited for our tour time.  Here are some of my favorite snapshots from the day:


USS Missouri on the left, USS Arizona on the right.

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Hawaii – Day 3

After our beach day at Waikiki beach, we were both a little bit sunburned so we wanted to think of something we could do that wouldn’t put us out in the sun all day. We debated what to do for awhile, and finally settled on the Atlantis Submarine Tour. I thought the tour was okay, I would have rather been diving but since G is not certified we compromised settled on this. I think the submarine had potential to be cool, but the visibility off of Oahu just isn’t that great in my experience. I think somewhere where the visibility is better, the tour would be infinitely better. I also wouldn’t recommend it if you get seasick/claustrophobic easily G was not feeling so hot during the tour, I think he was relieved when it was over 🙂 Here are some of the pictures from the tour:


The Submarine

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Hawaii- Day 2

G and I were wide awake yesterday around 8am. If you know us, you probably know this is unusual for us. We bolt really enjoy sleeping- but I think it was the time change coupled with the fact that we went to bed at oh.. 9:30. When we hog up, G begged me to go to IHOP.. I’m not really a fan of their overpriced breakfasts- but he really, really, really wanted to go so I agreed.

After breakfast we headed back to our hotel to get ready for the beach- I mean it was 81′ and sunny is there any better beach weather?!? so we got our stuff together, greased up, and walked over to the the beach. It was a great day of relaxing and hanging out, working on our tans, swimming in the ocean, enjoying the time together.


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