Instagram Saftey Tip!

If you’re like me, you probably use Instagram somewhat regularly.  I was recently browsing through my profile, and noticed this feature called a Photo Map which as Instagram describes ‘[Allows you to] showcase where you’ve taken your photos or explore where others have taken photos on a map.  Maps take you beyond recently posted photos and let you rediscover previously Instagrammed memories…‘  Instagram goes on to describe how it works ‘When you take a photo or video while connected via Wi-Fi or 3G, your phone logs the coordinates where the photo was taken.’

Here’s a sample of the Photo Map that was created on my recent trip to Hawaii:

zoom in

On the left, you can see all of the places where I Instagrammed photos from my two most recent Hawaii trips.  I decided to see just how close Instagram would let me get to my actual location, and it was creepily close.  In the third photo (on the right) you can see I was standing on the plaza at the Pearl Harbor memorial. Just imagine if this was your neighborhood… creeepy!

Naturally, I wanted to find out how to remove this information, because as much as I love the people who follow me, I don’t want them knowing where I am at all times, or where I live.  I was happy to find it’s actually pretty easy to remove the geotagging, and disable this feature! Here’s my step by step tutorial for removing and disabling this feature.

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Why I Will Never Again Use A Screen Protector On My Phone

I decided Monday morning I needed a new phone case. So I looked on Etsy and Amazon, and decided that I’d just go to Best Buy and actually pick out a case in person- does anyone even go to stores anymore? So I ran to Best Buy on my lunch, found a case I liked and started to leave. Then I saw the screen protectors… you know, those overpriced sheets of plastic that you can put on your phone to prevent it from getting scratched. I thought of how my last phone had gotten scratched by my keys one day {so annoying} so I decided why not get a screen protector? Better safe than sorry, right? Continue reading