2014 Blogger Challenge: week 2

The topic for the second post of the #2014BloggerChallenge is all about skincare!  This is an especially relevant post for me since I totally revamped my skincare routine last year.  I never struggled with acne as a teenager, but last year acne became a concern of mine.. oh and aging- double whammy!

I’ve posted several times about my Clarisoninc here & here.  I think by now you probably know that I love it, and hate going without it!  It has hugely helped my skin- in fact just this week I was a little lazy two days in a row and slept with my makeup on and my skin is a HOT MESS right now.  I’m dying and I vowed I’d never skip another night of taking off my makeup again!!   I usually take off my eyemakeup with a real ‘makeup remover’ before I use the Clarisoninc, but I’m still on the hunt for a good makeup remover.  I’ve used Clinique’s Take The Day Off and Lancôme’s Bi-Facil both are just okay,  do you guys have any recommendations?

I also mentioned here how I changed up my facial wash and lotion last year.  Now I’m using the Benefit: Foamingly Clean Facial Wash with my Clarisoninc to cleanse my skin & Benefit: Triple Performing Facial Emulsion as my moisturizer.   Occasionally at night I’ll switch up my moisturizer- I have a few I’m trying to finish that I don’t love during daytime (they’re too heavy / greasy) but at night I’ll throw them on since I know I’ll just be washing my face in the morning anyways.

For daytime, most days I mix a little of my favorite CC cream Supergoop: Daily Correct CC Cream with my Benefit: Triple Performing Facial Emulsion to create my own custom blend of face moisturizer.  I like to do this because I think the CC cream alone gives me a bit more coverage than I like/need, but without it I feel like my skin is uneven.  I’m all about saving time, and by blending them together I’m killing two birds with one stone.  Here’s how I create my custom blend {it seriously couldn’t be easier}

Step 1: take both products

photo 3

Step 2: squirt a little of both products onto back of hand

photo 1

Step 3: blend together

photo 2

Step 4: apply to face!

See I told you it was easy!!  Most days I throw on a little bronzer, mascara and I’m out the door!   In the summertime, when I’ve got a bit of a tan I don’t find it as crucial to mix in the CC cream so I just use some moisturizer and a hint of bronzer most days.
I’d love to know..
What does your wintertime routine look like?
Is it the same as your summertime routine? 
Have you ever created your own custom product blend? 

Favorite Beauty Products of 2013

As 2013 comes to a close, I’m doing a lot of reflecting. I thought it would be fun to share what my favorite skincare and makeup products from this year are!

First up, skincare. My skin totally changed this year, what used to work for stopped working. I was on a quest to find a new skincare regimen that would give me clean skin that looked healthy. After kissing a lot of frogs, I’ve finally found a few new products that are working well for me right now:

photo 2

1: Benefit: Triple Performing Facial Emulsion I love this moisturizer; it’s lightweight but really moisturizes skin.  I like to mix this with my favorite CC cream (more on that in a second) and apply after washing for just the right amount of moisture and coverage.

2: Benefit: Foamingly Clean Facial Wash I use this face wash every morning and night.  I think it does a great job removing my makeup  (just not eye makeup– I use a real makeup remover for that)  I love that I can use it with, or without the Mia.  I also like that it’s not super drying.  Much like the lotion it has a fresh, clean scent that is pleasant but not overpowering.

3.  Clarisonic: Mia 2 I did a post when I first bought the Mia 2, I had debated for months if I should invest or not but now that it’s been a few months I am SO glad that I did.  I feel lost without this thing; last month when we were in Germany I forgot to bring this and the entire week I felt just gross.  One of the first things I did when I got home was wash my face, it felt so good!  Clarisonic recommends replacing the brush head every three months or so, I started with the Acne brush head which I read good things about because its gentle on the skin.  A few weeks ago, I decided to pick up a new head and went with the Deep Pore brush head, and it’s working just as well!  This was probably the best beauty purchase I made in 2013!

Now for the fun stuff, my favorite makeup items from 2013:

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New Skincare Regimen

I came across this article from Mail Online on Friday afternoon and was immediately horrified. I’m admittedly not the best at taking off my makeup at night, after reading that article I just may be a changed woman. Over the last year, I have really noticed my skin changing, and it’s definitely not been for the better. I had been chalking it up to getting old, but my lazy skincare habits might have been contributing as well. After reading and seeing how negatively her skin was impacted by not removing her makeup I decided that I need to make washing my face a priority. It was the kick in the pants I needed to pull the trigger on a Clarisonic.

I ended up deciding that the Mia 2 was the best model for my needs. They do offer a few other models at differing price points- I chose the Mia2 primarily because I liked the timer feature (something the Mia doesn’t have) and I knew I wasn’t looking to use this on my body (a feature the Clarisonic PLUS offers.) Once you pick a model, you can also pick a specific brush head type- I ended up going with the Acne brush head because my research told me it was a bit gentler on the skin than the normal brush head. Plus, that package included a cleanser and I needed a new one, so it was a win-win. I figured I’ll this brush head a try for the first 3 months; I can always try a different brush head when it’s time to replace.

The Mia2 by Clarisonic

The Mia2 by Clarisonic

I tried the Clarisonic for the first time on Saturday- I really liked how it had a timer included so I knew when to move onto the next section. The minute really went by quickly. My face feels clean, and it’s probably just my imagination, but I feel like my pores are looking a little smaller too. One thing I wasn’t too crazy about is how long it had to charge before I could use it! I wanted to try it THE MINUTE I got home, and unfortunately I needed to wait 24 hours for it to charge- womp, womp!

I haven’t really worn much makeup this weekend (It’s been a super low key weekend.) So I’m excited to see how it works this week when I’m using my regular makeup routine. I’m only two days in using my newest skin care tool, so these are just my first impressions- I’ll definitely check back in with a review after a bit more time goes by.