2nd Annual Favorite Things Party

Earlier this month, I hosted my 2nd annual favorite things party!1000456_10100852045975135_1931054866_n Of course, I managed to take no pictures of the setup or anything—hopefully I’ll remember to next year.   The concept is simple, every guest has to choose one item to be their favorite thing.  I set some guidelines this year to keep things consistent:

  • Had to be new with tags/gift receipt
  • Had to be store-bought
  • It needed to cost at least $10

So everyone picked a favorite thing, and then they had to buy and bring 3 of them to the party.

Tip: Last year I asked everyone to bring five items costing $6, however we thought that $10 was a better price point because it can be hard to find something nice for $6.  You can set your price point and item limit at whatever you want though!

This year, for my favorite thing I picked one of my favorite winter  candles from Bath and Body Works, the Fresh Balsam 3-wick.  I was able to plan ahead and pick them up when they went on sale 2 for $22.


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Party Weekend

This weekend was a fun one!  We kicked it off with our engagement party on Friday, and Saturday night we celebrated my sister’s graduation.

My parents were kind enough to host the party at their house. Since I knew they’d be doing a lot of cooking the next day, and since I enjoy cooking I decided to plan and execute the menu for our party.  I wanted to do something that I knew I could do well, so I decided to go with a taco bar. I made chicken and beef tacos, with a good variety of sides (think salsa, guac, taco dip, Mexican rice, and beans!)  What fiesta would be complete without Margaritas, which I think were a crowd favorite!  I have to thank my Aunt Dawn who came over Friday to hang out and help me cook, and chop the garnishes for the tacos.  She was such a big help, and it was great to have some quality time together.

G and I

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