2014 Blogger Challenge: week 1

The topic for the first post of the #2014BloggerChallenge is going to share a quote or picture as our “New Years Inspiration.”

Here’s mine:


It’s so easy to feel pressured into saying  y e s .  I’m a serial over committer and this is something I’m really going to be working on in the new year.  Sometimes I say y e s because I feel pressured to,  sometimes it’s things I genuinely want to do but I just don’t have time for.  My hand automatically shoots up when someone asks for a volunteer.   Then I get into situations like this summer- where I had an event for my sorority Wednesday, G’s birthday on Thursday, our engagement party Friday {that I had to prepare all the food for}, and my sister’s graduation party on Saturday.. it was pure insanity!   Somehow I always seem to manage to get everything done, but it majorly stresses me out in the process.  I’m also guilty of saying  y e s  to others even when it means saying  n o  to myself, and this is a habit that needs to stop this year.  I need to be better about making quality  time for me.

I hope in 2014 you’ll join me in saying  y e s  to yourself!