Inspire Me 2014 – Day Three

Every weekday this month I’m linking up with Showered with Design & Happiness is not a Destination for their Inspire Me 2014 Blog Challenge.

Day Three: What changes will you make in 2014 to better yourself?

I already wrote about my biggest goal for 2014 here, but I do have a few other changes that I’m working to implement to better myself.  Seeing as we’re 18 months away from getting married, my biggest focus for 2014 is to get in shape and to a place where I’m happy with how I look.  I’m def. not there yet!  I set some lofty weight loss and fitness goals for this year, and to accomplish those goals I need to make several lifestyle changes:

1. Making fitness a priority.  I know I need to get my butt to the gym, daily. I’m planning to restart a few workout programs I tried in 2013: Turbofire and Insanity.  I’m also hoping to run at least 3 5k’s next year.  Longer term, (before the wedding) I’d like to make time for a half marathon.

2. Making healthy eating a priority.  McDonalds isn’t going to get me where I want to be, I need to incorporate lean meats and more veggies, I need to cut the mindless and late night snacking out.   One of the ways I’m working on this is by meal planning.  If I make a meal plan for the week it makes my life so much easier, so why don’t I do it every week?!?  Meal planning will also help me to reduce the number of days I eat out for lunch- which is such a bad (expensive and unhealthy) habit!

3. Stop drinking my calories.  Soda, alcohol, fru-fru coffees, juice, smoothies etc.. I need to get back to the basics– water!

It can be hard to cut out the bad habits,  but I really think these lifestyle changes are going to help me to get where I want to be come this time next year!


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