2014 Blogger Challenge: week 1

The topic for the first post of the #2014BloggerChallenge is going to share a quote or picture as our “New Years Inspiration.”

Here’s mine:


It’s so easy to feel pressured into saying  y e s .  I’m a serial over committer and this is something I’m really going to be working on in the new year.  Sometimes I say y e s because I feel pressured to,  sometimes it’s things I genuinely want to do but I just don’t have time for.  My hand automatically shoots up when someone asks for a volunteer.   Then I get into situations like this summer- where I had an event for my sorority Wednesday, G’s birthday on Thursday, our engagement party Friday {that I had to prepare all the food for}, and my sister’s graduation party on Saturday.. it was pure insanity!   Somehow I always seem to manage to get everything done, but it majorly stresses me out in the process.  I’m also guilty of saying  y e s  to others even when it means saying  n o  to myself, and this is a habit that needs to stop this year.  I need to be better about making quality  time for me.

I hope in 2014 you’ll join me in saying  y e s  to yourself!



Five on Friday – 12.27.13

Happy Friday everyone!  I can’t believe this is the last Friday in 2013! In honor of the occasion, I’m linking up with Darci, April, Christina and Natasha for Five on Friday..


{ one }

I can’t believe Christmas is over!  We hosted our annual Christmas Eve dinner again this year.  We usually just have our immediate families over, but last year my mom’s family was in town so we invited them- this year to keep things fair we invited G’s extended family.  It was an interesting night!  I made my usual lasagna, G made his Mac n’ cheese; it was basically carb city.  YOLO.. right?!

{ two }

I’ve already started goal setting for 2014.. personally, professionally, and for the blog!  It’s time to really buckle down and start making progress towards achieving some of my goals.  I’ll be sharing most of my goals, and some of my methods for taking BIG goals and breaking them down to make them attainable in the next few days- so stay tuned!

{ three }

I got some our photos from Germany printed, and I blew up this one to 8×10 and I was pretty pleased with how it came out!  I’ve decided that I should probably invest in a better camera, because I think some of my shots turned out just okay.. but with the right camera and lens, they could have been really breathtaking.

Neuschwanstein Castle

Neuschwanstein Castle

{ four }

I got some Nordstrom gift cards for Christmas and they are burning a hole in my pocket;  there were a few things on my wishlist that Santa forgot so these will be perfect for picking them up!  My parents got me the Naked3 Palette and I’m excited to really start playing around with it.  G got me a Kindle Paperwhite and a nice leather case, and it’s AWESOME!  I have an Amazon Prime membership, so I really like that I can borrow books digitally for free (like a library!) I started by borrowing Raise the Bar by Jon Taffer- have you seen his show Bar Rescue? G and I love it.  His book is really a nice read, and even though I’m not in the bar/restaurant business I feel like many of the concepts are applicable to most businesses.

{ five }

As we move into 2014, I’m ready to take wedding planning off the back burner and get back to planning!  Our next big thing to nail down is a DJ.  I also have a few items I’ve favorited on Etsy that I’m ready to pull the trigger on!  I can’t believe that we’re only 18 months out!  I have a feeling the next 18 months are going to f l y by

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend – the last one of 2013!!