Why I Will Never Again Use A Screen Protector On My Phone

I decided Monday morning I needed a new phone case. So I looked on Etsy and Amazon, and decided that I’d just go to Best Buy and actually pick out a case in person- does anyone even go to stores anymore? So I ran to Best Buy on my lunch, found a case I liked and started to leave. Then I saw the screen protectors… you know, those overpriced sheets of plastic that you can put on your phone to prevent it from getting scratched. I thought of how my last phone had gotten scratched by my keys one day {so annoying} so I decided why not get a screen protector? Better safe than sorry, right? Continue reading


No One Cares About Your Wedding Like You Do

wedding planning advice

I’ve been planning for our wedding for almost a year now, and I’ve learned a few lessons along the way. One in particular, stands out to me. It’s been probably the hardest lesson to learn, but also the one I needed to learn most.

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Overanalyzing the Art of Hugging

A few times a year, I am reminded that I’m not really a hugger; the holidays are one of those times. It’s not even so much that I’m opposed to hugging; in fact I actually do appreciate a good hug. I think what ruins hugs for me is the never ending stream of overanalyzing running through my head at all times that goes a little something like this..

should I give this person a hug? .. Is it weird if I do? … Is it weird if I don’t? … Maybe they don’t want me to hug them … maybe it’s even weirder if I don’t hug them … then they’ll think I don’t like them … Are we on hugging terms? … Did we hug last time I saw this person… what if I smell bad … maybe they don’t like hugs … yeah, but maybe they do …. Ahh! What should I do?!?! … let’s just see if they go in for the hug or not … and on, and on, and on…

So then I throw out my hand for a handshake, but they’re going in for the hug and I immediately feel like a jerk. I mean clearly, I was just putting them in the handshake zone, and they’re putting me in the hug zone. AWKWARD!

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