DIY Upholstered Headboard

Ever since we upgraded our bed, we’ve been headboard-less.  Honestly we’ve been so busy; it just hasn’t really been a priority.  But lately I’ve been feeling like we just kind of threw some furniture in our house, slapped paint on some walls and have been living with it.  It’s been bugging me that every room is like half done.  I’ve been wanting to finish just ONE room.   So we decided to start with our bedroom.

We had already upgraded our bed, painted the room, and gotten new window treatments.  I just couldn’t decide on a headboard.  What I liked was crazy expensive, plus we couldn’t really agree on one headboard we were in love with.  When you’re shelling out a grand or more on something, in my opinion, you really need to love it.  So I started thinking, how hard could it really be to build our own headboard?  I pitched the idea to G and he was surprisingly game for it, so last weekend we made it our little project.  It didn’t take long, and it actually was pretty easy!  Here’s how we did it:

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