May Candle of the Month

My Candle of the month posts have been lacking lately.  This is partially because I’ve been busy, but mores because I really haven’t been burning candles lately.  However, I’m back this month with a real winner. Persian Lime by Henri Bendel.


A few days ago, I got together with one of my friends downtown, we had lunch and did some shopping at WaterTower place.  When I saw the Henri Bendel store, I knew I needed to stop in. Partially because my good friend Logan, you know from Sage & Serendipity had just blogged about some great jewelry pieces she saw from his line, but also because of the candles.  As I type this, I realize it might sound weird buying candles in a store that sells jewelry and purses, but I promise you these candles are amazeballs.

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January 2014 Candle of the Month


The candle of the month this January is actually one of my all time favorite candles Black Pepper Bergamot by Bath and Body Works. { I just checked their website and couldn’t find it listed, otherwise I’d share a link! } I’m hoping the lack of product on the website is not an indication that they’re discontinuing this scent because it’s amazing!

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Candle of the Month- August

Candle of the Month- August

I can not believe it’s already August. It makes me sad that summer is almost over. To brighten my spirits, and enjoy the final few weeks of summer I picked up this small candle for only $3 last time I was at Bath & Body Works.

Beach Cabana totally captures the essence of summer, which makes it perfect for this month. I’m digging the jasmine and orange blossom notes. It smells like a sweet sunscreen, and reminds me of a fun summer day at the beach.