A Small Milestone & Giveaway

Today marks a small milestone for me, finally reaching 100 bloglovin’ followers! I know this might sound lame to some of you, but I’m proud and thankful that I even have one person who reads Steph’s Spot Blog!  To commemorate the occasion and thank you for following along I wanted to do a simple giveaway…

To enter: Just leave a comment telling me what you’re looking forward to most about the month of May 

I’ll pick two winners on Saturday* to each receive a $15 gift card from Starbucks, Amazon, iTunes, or Nordstrom (winners choice)



* To determine winners, I’ll count how many comments we have Friday at 11:59 and use a random number generator to pick the winner(s) 


PS: If you haven’t heard of Bloglovin’ or don’t use it you might want to check out the post I wrote in February that highlights six reasons why I can’t live without bloglovin‘ and of course, follow along!

Thank you!


Update 5/5:  

Congrats to the winners MrsTee & Kirsten your comments were selected by the random number generator.  I’ve emailed you for details on how to get your gift card!random1 random2



Have you guys ever heard of Bloglovin’?

Since you’re reading this.. I know you occasionally check out at least one blog, but if you’re like me you probably have a few more that you like to check in on and read.  For a long time, I had my favorites bookmarked and would check them at night when I got home from work.  Then, I heard about this really helpful app/website that changed the way I read blogs – Bloglovin’.  It’s certainly one of my most used apps, I love how easy it makes staying current on your favorite blogs!

I use it both online and on my phone, and both are really user friendly. Here’s a snapshot from my main landing screen on the website with some of my favorite features highlighted: bloglovin 1Here are just a few reasons why I can’t live without Bloglovin’

  1. It saves me so much time! No need to use bookmarks to navigate to all of the different blogs I like to check in on.  This consolidates all new content into one feed streamlining the process.
  2. I LOVE that you can organize your favorite blogs into groups.  If you’re in the mood to read a fashion post, click on your fashion/beauty group and all you will see is the posts from the fashion/beauty bloggers you follow. I also LOVE that they’re alphabetized.. ahh organization!
  3. It’s a great app / website to use when you have a few minutes to kill.  Waiting for a friend at Starbucks? Check bloglovin’  It’s an easy activity that doesn’t have to suck you in for hours like other apps (cough.. Pinterest..)
  4. Finding new blogs- this is a great tool for finding new blogs that you might like! I love checking out the ‘popular’ and ‘find blogs’ buttons.
  5. Both the website and the app have a clean, streamlined, organized look.
  6. You can ‘like’ posts, and it saves a list of the posts you like.  I use this a lot when I read something I know I’ll want to use later- like a recipie

I highly reccommend giving Bloglovin’ a try- I really think you’ll like it.. plus if you hate it, you can just delete your account / the app (it’s free! so you aren’t out anything)  If you do give it a try, be sure to follow me! Note: Bloglovin’ in no way compensated me or even knows I’m writing this post… It’s just a tool that makes my life easier and I thought you might like it too!

Do you use a reader to stay up to date with your favorite blogs? I’d love to know which one & how you like it!