Bridesmaid Style: Celosia Orange

This post is part of a series I’m working on where I’ll be styling a bridesmaid look to correlate with each of the Top 10 Pantone Colors for Spring 2014. Our fourth look is for Celosia Orange.  Let me tell you, finding cute orange bridesmaid dresses was not that easy of a task! When you look for orange dresses, mostly coral dresses come up. In my mind, Celosia Orange is not Coral.  I was very tempted to select a neutral dress and accessorize with Celosia Orange accents.. but I thought that was kind of cheating so orange ya glad I’m doing it the right way? (cheesy pun intended!)

Celosia Orange


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Free Printable: DJ Interview Notes

Yesterday we met with our first candidate for a wedding DJ …  well technically I guess it was the second, but I’m not going to count the first one– it was totally weird (more on that later.) To prepare for our meetings, I scoured the internet looking for a checklist of questions to ask that I could bring with me.  I couldn’t find one that I loved- so I decided to create my own. I hope you’re able to utilize this tool to ensure that you’re asking all of the important questions to each DJ you meet with!

DJ interview notes

Click to download printable version for yourself: DJ Interview Notes

Let me know how it works out for you!


PS: I’ve also created free Photography Interview Notes, check them out!

Useful Article: How to Hack your Wedding Budget by WeddingMix

I’m coming to you today with a really neat infographic & article by WeddingMix that I think is totally worth checking out if you’re planning a wedding or know someone who is planning a wedding!  I’ve shared the infographic below, and here’s a link to the article.  I think it’s got some great tips and clever ways to save money, without compromising your big day.  Then again, I may be a teeeeny bit biased because there is a quote from yours truly in the article!  Check it out.. and be sure to let me know what you think! 🙂

Do you have any wedding hacks?

Tips you used when planning to save money?

Do tell!

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