Movin on up!

Hi Friends! I’m home from my vacation and hitting the ground running with changes for Steph’s Spot. I’ve made the decision to move from to, to gain additional functionalities to make this more user friendly.  This has no immediate impact on what you see here, but in the future it will make giveaways and the facelift I have planned much easier!

Secondly, if you follow me on Facebook, you probably saw this coming but I’ve made the switch to my very own domain I feel so professional now that I’ve got my own domain.  To make the move as seamless as possible, I’ve redirected this domain to my new one for the next year, and contacted Bloglovin to move my followers so you shouldn’t {fingers crossed} need to do much to continue to follow along.. unless you get to my blog from a bookmark you’ve saved, in which case you’ll want to update the URL.  If you have questions, or need help shoot me an email, or leave a comment.

I’m happy to help as best I can! With these changes, I’m still working out a few kinks.  I know some of my links to my own content are working a little funky and my categories and sidebar are also a work in progress- please bear with me! I’m very excited for all that the next few weeks have in store.

Hope you are having a wonderful Memorial Day weekend, and taking time to remember all of those who have made the ultimate sacrifice in serving our country.



Skiddocowraps Winners

Thanks to everyone who entered our Skiddocowraps giveaway last week!

Tonight we randomly selected and emailed our four winners:

Betsy S,  Cindy H, Kirsten K, and Sara F.




Sometimes we all just need to remember to lighten up, live a little, smile, and not take ourselves so seriously!  Here are a few Pinterest finds from this week that made me smile..  click on pictures for links!






Happy Tuesday, what are you smiling about today?