Out of State Save The Dates

Earlier this month, I was talking to my mom and she asked if I was planning on sending out Save The Dates (STD’s) to our family members living out of state.  In fact, I had been planning to send them this fall after our engagement photos because I wanted to include our photos on the STD’s.   A pretty small percentage of our guest list is comprised of out of state guests, so I didn’t think it would be too big of a deal to wait to send them.  However, after talking it through we thought it might make sense to get them out sooner, rather than later for our out of state family.

I asked G what he wanted to do, if his preference was to send them to everyone now (without pictures), or to send some now (without pictures) and wait to send the others until we have our engagement photos.  We went back and forth for a few days, and finally settled on sending some now to our out of state family, so they’d have time to plan/budget/ etc..  and then send the rest once we get those pictures.   Then I hit the internet for ideas.  And let me tell you, there are so many cute STD’s right now.  Ultimately I selected about 10 designs I liked and let G have the final say.  It’s kind of funny, G has this complex about not wanting anything we do to be too ‘trendy’ and this isn’t just for the wedding- it spans into all areas of our life.  ‘Trendy’ is one of his favorite words to use, I’ll show him something, and if he doesn’t like it he’ll crinkle his nose and just say a long drawn out ‘Treeeeeeennnnddddeeeyy’.  It’s actually kind of funny how far out of his way he’ll go to be un-trendy  whereas, I’m totally fine doing what’s trendy and ‘in’.  I guess it’s true what they say about opposites attracting!

Imagine my delight, when yesterday I had a small package on my doorstep from Wedding Paper Divas – 4 days earlier than I was expecting it! I have to say, every time I’ve ordered from TinyPrints, or one of their partner brands, my shipping (and product) expectations have been exceeded!  Without further adieu, here’s the save the date magnet we created!  {please excuse the blocked out information, I gotta keep some stuff private!}  


We selected the Chalkboard Floral design  in the magnet product form.  I was surprised that I got away with the chalkboard look, because I think it is technically pretty trendy right now 🙂 I think they work with our color scheme really well  They were reasonably priced, and I was very happy with the size and quality!  I can’t wait to finish up our wedding website so we can send these bad boys out!

What do you think?



April Wedding Update

april I’m semi in denial that it’s already April, March really flew by!  We made some great progress on the wedding last month so I’m excited to share this update.

We signed contracts and put down deposits for our DJ and florist. I am seriously so excited to work with both of the vendors we selected.  One of the best parts about having a longer engagement is that we’ve been able to select the vendors of our choice for every single aspect of the wedding so far.

For the DJ we’re going with a recommendation one of my colleagues had, Magsino Mobile Entertainment.  Many of the other DJ’s we interviewed were actually DJ companies, so we were meeting with a salesperson, not the person who would actually DJ our wedding. With Magsino Mobile, we met Vince the owner, salesperson, and DJ he’s the one who will actually be there at our wedding- this was a huge plus for us! We both felt like he ‘got’ us and that it was a great match.

As for the florist, I decided on Bella Flora Lindsay was so sweet and patient when I met with her. I only interviewed four florists, but she really stood out. Florals were a hard decision for me, I like almost everything- except for lilies (both calla and regular) I love, love, love that when she sent over her proposal she included some sample pictures. This totally helped me to visualize what it will look like on the big day! I’ve got a few decisions to mull over for the next year or so, mainly how big of bridesmaid bouquets I want ( 6″ vs 8″) and other smaller details. I’m super excited about mixing up the centerpieces- half of the tables will have tall florals, and half will have lower submerged orchids. I love the varied heights, especially in our room with the tall vaulted ceilings.

Here’s what’s on my checklist for this month:

  • We ordered a handful of Save The Dates (STD’s) for our out of state families- I’m waiting to send out our ‘real’ STD’s’ until after we’ve had our engagement photos taken at the end of summer but we wanted to give our family members who live out of state a little bit of a heads up so they could plan and budget for it.
  • G and I need to get our wedding website up and running. This needs to happen before we mail out the family STD’s because I’m including the URL on the STD’s.
  • Narrow it down to 3-5 bridesmaid dresses that I want my BM’s to try on, then we’ll need to set a date for that. I’m hoping to make it a whole day thing and take the BM’s out to dinner afterwards so they can get to know each other a little better.


March Wedding Planning Recap

March has been a whirlwind of wedding vendor interviews!

  • G and I met with 6 DJ’s
  • I met with 4 florists
  • I had 4 in person coordinator interviews, and 6 phone coordinator interviews

Phew! It makes me tired just thinking about how much I ran around this month! Thankfully, the months (and the interviews) are behind us. We’re 99.8% sure we found our DJ and we should be putting down the deposit and signing the contract in the next few days! We are so excited, when we met with him we had a really great conversation and I think he understood us, and what we’re looking for! Some of the things we liked most about him: he can spin, like you’d expect in a club, he also can provide custom up lighting that will change colors to the music, and he’s going to help us get our name in lights for the big night! We want our reception to have a party vibe, and I think this DJ will really help us to achieve it!

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March Wedding Update

I can’t believe it’s already March and I’m totally blaming the weather here in Chicago.. gosh it’s been just brutal! I had been hoping so badly that when we got back from Hawaii winter would be over, but that has not been the case!  Anyway, seeing as it’s a new month I figured it might time for another wedding update!  This month I’ve got a ton of vendor interviews scheduled.. but one real goal:  to have our DJ selected and contract signed by the end of the month.   I’ve sprinkled in a few florist interviews and one day of coordinator interview for good measure.  I’m so nervous to meet with the florists, I have a feeling that what I want is not going to work with our budget – doesn’t this always seem to be the case!

I finally asked all of my bridesmaids, and they all said yes! So I setup a secret Pinterest board for them so we could collaborate on ideas.  I’ll be doing posts on both points later this month!  G has asked 3/4 of his groomsmen.  I loved asking each of my ladies and seeing their reactions, but I think I’ve been enjoying more listening to how G asked his friends, and how he recaps their reactions to me.  I giggle everytime because I can totally picture how the conversation(s) went.  Even though we won’t really need the bridal parties to do anything for quite some time, it’s a nice feeling to cross it off the list.

Let’s see what else.. we’ve already had two DJ interviews so far, and I’ve come to the conclusion that DJ’s are just seriously a different breed.  We have had some interesting experiences so far, once we finalize our decision I might have to whip up a little post with some of the funny things we’ve experienced!  I guess there’s not a whole lot going on, on the wedding front we’re just chugging along making good progress checking off the big things!  I can’t believe that it’s only 14 months away.. which sounds like a long time, but I have a feeling it’s going to be here before we know it!


Photographer? Check!

So a few weeks ago I blogged here about how we were starting our photography search. It was so much fun, but also stressful!  I think part of the reason it stressed me out is because photography is the one thing that’s really going to last from our wedding day.  The food will get eaten, the music will end, the flowers will die.. but these photographs we’re going to have forever.  I mean, they’re the pictures our kids and grandkids will look at one day.

Naturally, I started our photography search online { how did brides ever plan weddings before the internet? } I made a Facebook post asking my friends for recommendations, and I also started looking at a few of my favorite review sites – the knot, wedding wire, yelp etc..  I wanted to look for photographers with great reviews, and lots of them!  To me- someone with one 5 star review is okay, but I really want to someone with many 5 star reviews.. I probably looked at 50-60 different photographers.

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January: Wedding Update

Now that it’s 2014 and work is finally starting to slow down, I’m taking wedding planning off the back burner! YAY!

My first task this year is finding and booking a photographer.  Over the last week or so, I’ve been reading wedding photographer blogs like it’s my job!  In doing so I’ve realized a few things:

1.)     There are a MILLION wedding photographers in Chicagoland.

2.)    Holy Crap wedding photography is expensive!

3.)    Everyone is offering something different.  In fact it’s really hard to compare apples to apples because everyone’s packages vary so much!

I’m the kind of person who wants to look at everything before I make a decision; hence the stalking wedding photographer blogs like it’s my job.  I’ve found a handful of photographers whose styles I like, so I reached out to each of them to setup a time to meet. G and I will be doing that in the next week or so, and I’m hopeful our decision will be easy once we’ve met with everyone.  I have a frontrunner in mind right now, before meeting with anyone so it will be interested to see who our favorites are after meeting them in person!

I created a comparison spreadsheet to help me keep everything straight; I also did something similar to create our budget and also when we were reviewing reception halls.  I’ve been tossing around the idea of prettying them up and sharing them here as pintables for other brides to be!

Update {1/9}: I ended up posting a free printable for photography interviews here

After we get a photographer booked, I’ll shift my attention to a DJ, then to a florist.  From there I think we’ll have most of the ‘big’ things taken care of so I can shift my focus to the smaller details.

Hope you are having a great Tuesday!!


Color Combos I Love: Part Four {Our Wedding Colors}

Earlier today, I was reflecting on my favorite posts from 2013 and I realized I forgot to post the final part of my Color Combos I Love series– our wedding colors!  I’ve known these would be our wedding colors for years, long before we were engaged.  Picking them was actually quite simple; we used G’s favorite color and my favorite color…. Green & Purple.  Our color scheme has slightly evolved; it will be purples and green with black and/or champagne accents.

These aren’t the exact colors we’ll probably end up using, but rather general idea of what I’m going for.


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