Nerdy Me Tag

Betsy over at Betsy’s Random Assortment of Thoughts had this fun tag on her blog, since I’m a total nerd at heart, I thought it would be fun to join in…

Nerdy Me Tag


1.) If your house was burning down and you could only grab one book, which book would it be and why?  I honestly, wouldn’t grab any books.  I’m totally weird in that I don’t like to re-read things I’ve already read (or re-watch movies I’ve seen.)  However, I would grab my laptop which is a macbook.. see what I did there? 

2.) When you get stuck into a really good book how long will it take you to read it? When I’m into a book, I finish it as soon as possible. I can’t put it down! There have been many books that I’ve stayed up way too late reading, just because I couldn’t wait. Conversely, if I’m not feeling a book it will take me a long time to read.. ahem… ‘Eye of the World‘ 

3.) Have you ever become totally obsessed with a book or a series of books before? Yes- Harry Potter, Twilight, Divergent, 50 Shades of Gray 

4.) On average how many hours a week do you spend on the computer? Too many! I spend all day at work on the computer, and then some time at night and on the weekends on the computer. I’d guess, 45-50 hours a week (counting time at work)

5.) It is Saturday night and all your friends are going out to a party but on Monday morning you have a really important maths exam that you know you need to study for even though you will probably pass. Do you:

a) not study, go to the party and hope that you pass 
b) study for an hour or so and meet your friends a bit later on or do you
c) not go out and study hard so you are fully prepared for Monday mornings exam? 

100% for sure, without a doubt, I’d do ‘A’…  in school I had this motto study long, study wrong.  I’ve never been a study person, it’s just not my thing.  Either I know it, or I don’t know it and my personal opinion is if I don’t know it after doing the work/attending class/taking notes then no amount of studying will help me to get it.  With that said, it’s amazing that I managed to get pretty good grades in college, right? HA!

6.) Do you sometimes come across as anti-social in some situations? If so when? Extremely rarely. In fact, I only have two people that probably think I’m anti-social, and I’m totally blaming G for this.  He gets me so worked up and nervous about seeing these people that I feel like I can’t be myself and I end up being such an awkward person. Which always results in G telling me to ‘loosen up’ which completely backfires and makes even more nervous and subsequently weird.  I’m sure these people have such a skewed impression of me.  GAH!  Other than that, I could talk to a rock. 

7.)What music do you love listening to that others would see as weird or totally uncool but you love anyway? I seriously have the musical preferences of a 60 year old man.  I’m a huge Bob Seger, Elton John, Pink Floyd fan.  I’m also into 80’s, 90’s and of course I like today’s hits.  I have totally eclectic music tastes! If you’re interested in more of my musical preferences you can check out my favorite songs from this spring, and last summer

8.) Have you ever sat there and completely planned out your whole entire life?  Oh totally! Let me let you in on a little secret, my life is already no going as I had planned.. HA! Does it ever?  I’ve planned and re-planned, and finally just kind of given up on planning.  I have some timelines for myself of things I want to do, and objectives but I’m done trying to plan out every next step because life rarely goes as planned. 

9.)What TV shows are you obsessed with that other people think are so nerdy? Hmm.. I don’ t know that any of these are all that nerdy, but some of my favorites are: Grey’s Anatomy, Scandal, Downton Abbey, The Walking Dead, Bar Rescue, Real Housewives, Intervention etc..  I will say that on occasion, I enjoy How it’s Made and Lockup I guess my TV tastes are pretty eclectic as well! 

10.)  Three other nerdy facts about you:

1- Several people think I take laundry way too seriously- Darks, Jeans, Sweats, Whites, Dress, Sheets, Towels.. I guess this is pretty nerdy! I also use a variety of laundry products- I have 3 different bottles of detergent that I use, depending on what I’m washing.  Oh and I don’t put basically any of my clothes in the dryer.  Yep, I’m crazy… but you probably already knew that!

2-I’ve developed quite a stockpile of car knowledge through hanging out with G and his friends.  Nerdy, but true. This served as a nice bar trick in college, I impressed many guys with my knowledge! 

3- I love excel.  Seriously, and I use it for everything.. vacation planning, budgeting, wedding planning, weight loss tracking.  I love, love, love it! V-lookups are my BFF!

If any of you stuck with me through all of that, I commend you! Did I share anything that surprised you?   I’d love it if you’d share something ‘nerdy’ about yourself in the comments, or better yet if you blog write a post and comment with the link!



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