May Candle of the Month

My Candle of the month posts have been lacking lately.  This is partially because I’ve been busy, but mores because I really haven’t been burning candles lately.  However, I’m back this month with a real winner. Persian Lime by Henri Bendel.


A few days ago, I got together with one of my friends downtown, we had lunch and did some shopping at WaterTower place.  When I saw the Henri Bendel store, I knew I needed to stop in. Partially because my good friend Logan, you know from Sage & Serendipity had just blogged about some great jewelry pieces she saw from his line, but also because of the candles.  As I type this, I realize it might sound weird buying candles in a store that sells jewelry and purses, but I promise you these candles are amazeballs.

I first came to know the Henri Bendel candle line when we use to carry it at the Bath and Body Works store I used to work at.  We carried a small sampling of the candles for a few years, before they were pulled from our inventory. I was always a fan, but on my part time wages even with the discount they were a teeny bit more than I could afford to purchase regularly.  Now, years later my situation has changed slightly and I can afford to splurge a little on luxuries here and there.

We sniffed all the candles, and I found a few favorites like Peony, Quince,Silver Birch, and White Pepper.  They were all so much fun to sniff and smell, but when I picked up Persian Lime I knew I’d be leaving with it in my bag.  It’s such a fresh, and clean scent. Perfect for around the house.  Bendel describes the scent as:

A tantalizing flirtation of vibrant lime, Italian mandarin, Sicilian lemon, black pepper, and white thyme inspire romantic reveries. Perfect for an enchanting evening, the notes of earthy patchouli, vetiver and musk linger long after the flame goes out.

This scent incorporates one of my favorite notes, black pepper, and I love how it mixes with the lighter citrus scents of lime, lemon, and mandarin to produce a clean, but warm smell.  Black pepper is such an interesting and versatile note, and I find that I like it almost every combination I’ve smelled.  Even G commented on how nice the candle smells, which is a huge win!

I also like that the Henri Bendel candles have a sleek modern frosted glass jar and white wax that will compliment any decor.  They give off a great scent when burning, but also just sitting out they are quite fragrant.  I’m so glad we popped into the Henri Bendel store this week, I’m happy with my purchase and will definitely be purchasing more for around the house and to give as gifts!  If you’re looking for a light, fresh scent for your home or a gift for really anyone– I highly recommend checking Persian Lime out!



4 thoughts on “May Candle of the Month

  1. I always love reading Steph’s spot blog for great tips! They are always right on, and well written! I have never been dissapointed with a product you recommend! Thank you!

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