Out of State Save The Dates

Earlier this month, I was talking to my mom and she asked if I was planning on sending out Save The Dates (STD’s) to our family members living out of state.  In fact, I had been planning to send them this fall after our engagement photos because I wanted to include our photos on the STD’s.   A pretty small percentage of our guest list is comprised of out of state guests, so I didn’t think it would be too big of a deal to wait to send them.  However, after talking it through we thought it might make sense to get them out sooner, rather than later for our out of state family.

I asked G what he wanted to do, if his preference was to send them to everyone now (without pictures), or to send some now (without pictures) and wait to send the others until we have our engagement photos.  We went back and forth for a few days, and finally settled on sending some now to our out of state family, so they’d have time to plan/budget/ etc..  and then send the rest once we get those pictures.   Then I hit the internet for ideas.  And let me tell you, there are so many cute STD’s right now.  Ultimately I selected about 10 designs I liked and let G have the final say.  It’s kind of funny, G has this complex about not wanting anything we do to be too ‘trendy’ and this isn’t just for the wedding- it spans into all areas of our life.  ‘Trendy’ is one of his favorite words to use, I’ll show him something, and if he doesn’t like it he’ll crinkle his nose and just say a long drawn out ‘Treeeeeeennnnddddeeeyy’.  It’s actually kind of funny how far out of his way he’ll go to be un-trendy  whereas, I’m totally fine doing what’s trendy and ‘in’.  I guess it’s true what they say about opposites attracting!

Imagine my delight, when yesterday I had a small package on my doorstep from Wedding Paper Divas – 4 days earlier than I was expecting it! I have to say, every time I’ve ordered from TinyPrints, or one of their partner brands, my shipping (and product) expectations have been exceeded!  Without further adieu, here’s the save the date magnet we created!  {please excuse the blocked out information, I gotta keep some stuff private!}  


We selected the Chalkboard Floral design  in the magnet product form.  I was surprised that I got away with the chalkboard look, because I think it is technically pretty trendy right now 🙂 I think they work with our color scheme really well  They were reasonably priced, and I was very happy with the size and quality!  I can’t wait to finish up our wedding website so we can send these bad boys out!

What do you think?



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