Instagram Saftey Tip!

If you’re like me, you probably use Instagram somewhat regularly.  I was recently browsing through my profile, and noticed this feature called a Photo Map which as Instagram describes ‘[Allows you to] showcase where you’ve taken your photos or explore where others have taken photos on a map.  Maps take you beyond recently posted photos and let you rediscover previously Instagrammed memories…‘  Instagram goes on to describe how it works ‘When you take a photo or video while connected via Wi-Fi or 3G, your phone logs the coordinates where the photo was taken.’

Here’s a sample of the Photo Map that was created on my recent trip to Hawaii:

zoom in

On the left, you can see all of the places where I Instagrammed photos from my two most recent Hawaii trips.  I decided to see just how close Instagram would let me get to my actual location, and it was creepily close.  In the third photo (on the right) you can see I was standing on the plaza at the Pearl Harbor memorial. Just imagine if this was your neighborhood… creeepy!

Naturally, I wanted to find out how to remove this information, because as much as I love the people who follow me, I don’t want them knowing where I am at all times, or where I live.  I was happy to find it’s actually pretty easy to remove the geotagging, and disable this feature! Here’s my step by step tutorial for removing and disabling this feature.

1. Determine if you have a Photo Map tap the small ‘pin’ button on your main landing page.  If it’s greyed out, and you cannot select it then you do not have a Photo Map.

tap here

2.View your Photo Map since I still have some photos tagged to my Photo Map, you can see them here.

photo 2

3. To remove, select ‘Edit’ in the upper right corner of your screen you’ll notice that the ‘Edit’ button text changes to ‘Done’ and the color changes to green.

photo 3

4. Tap on the green number, the option to ‘Edit | Zoom’ will appear, then tap ‘Edit’

photo 4

5. This will bring up all of the photos you have tagged to that location. Tap ‘ Deselect All’ on the bottom left hand corner of the screen.  The green check marks will disappear, and your photos will be greyed out:

next step

6. Tap ‘Done’ in the upper right corner this will prompt you with a notice that asks for you to confirm you want to remove the geotags. Tap ‘Confirm’ I think it’s important to note, this does not remove the photos from Instagram, only the location data.

photo 3

7. Validate that the location data has been removed by viewing your Photo Map

photo 4

8. Repeat this process until you have removed all of the photos you want to.

Now you may be wondering how you can turn this feature off, so you don’t have any future photos geotagged.  Luckily that’s fairly simple as well! Below I’ve included instructions on how to do this on an iPhone, sorry if you’re an Android or Blackberry user (does anyone use BlackBerry these days?!?) I can’t help you out!

From the home screen, select the ‘Settings’ icon, then ‘Privacy’, next you’ll tap ‘Location Services’, locate Instagram and slide the switch to Off (so it’s not green) as I did below:

final step

There you go, easy-peasy!

If you used this tutorial, I’d love it if you let me know how it went for you!



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