Bridesmaid Style: Celosia Orange

This post is part of a series I’m working on where I’ll be styling a bridesmaid look to correlate with each of the Top 10 Pantone Colors for Spring 2014. Our fourth look is for Celosia Orange.  Let me tell you, finding cute orange bridesmaid dresses was not that easy of a task! When you look for orange dresses, mostly coral dresses come up. In my mind, Celosia Orange is not Coral.  I was very tempted to select a neutral dress and accessorize with Celosia Orange accents.. but I thought that was kind of cheating so orange ya glad I’m doing it the right way? (cheesy pun intended!)

Celosia Orange



Dress: I selected this Alfred Sung dress (Style D646) in the color Mandarin.  This is a great cocktail length  dress, with a scoop neckline that should flatter most bridesmaids regardless of bust size. I’m personally not a strapless fan, so I like with this dress that your bridesmaids should be able to wear whatever undergarments make them feel great.  Bridesmaids that feel great, usually look great!  I really liked the bow detail on the waistline, and how the skirt is pleated in the front.  It’s made of dupioni, so it should be comfortable for your bridesmaids to wear.  In terms of rewearability orange may not be the best choice, but it’s your wedding so if you love orange go with it!

Accessories:  I selected a necklace with orange accents that I thought would complement the dress nicely, the Double Bolo Pendant  in Coral by BaubleBar. With a length of 19″ it should hit at just the right place on your bridesmaids. I like that it’s more subtle, Celosia Orange is a statement color, so you don’t want to go crazy with the accessories. Alternatively, if you have an accent color you may want to look for a necklace with that accent color to tie it in. I went slightly bolder / chunkier with the bracelet and selected the Medium Original Pave Links style in Gold also by BaubleBar. If I’m being totally honest, this is very clearly a replication of the JCrew pave link braclet, you know best what fits your style, budget, and day. Personally, if I was selecting one for daily wear I’d probably go the JCrew route, but if it’s not really your bridesmaid’s style, just go the BaubleBar route for half the price. For the earrings, I wanted to go with studs, but I was worried they might not be enough, so I selected these Nadri Round Cubic Zirconia Stud Earrings. I think the Nadri products are pretty nice, for a reasonable price. These are totally rewearable, I’d rock them on a daily basis.

Shoes:  With Celosia Orange, you’ll want to tread lightly {man I’m full of puns today!} with the shoes you select.  I’m worried black shoes will be to ‘Halloween’ so I think a nice metallic sandal is a good compromise.  I really like the Daryn Sandal by Glint. They are a four inch heel, so be careful if you have tall bridesmaids, but many of the reviews commented on how nicely the stones sparkled, which should look amazing as your bridesmaids walk down the aisle!

Hair: For the hair, I tried to select a half down half up look since I’ve been showcasing a lot of updos.  I like this half up, half down hairdo by BellaMumma.  Her tutorial seems fairly straightforward, and I think this look can work with a variety of hair lengths and styles.

So there you have it, my fourth bridesmaid look of the series ! Don’t forget to check back over the next few weeks as I style each of the following colors.

Top Pantone Colors Spring 2014

Dazzling Blue | Violet Tulip | Radiant Orchid | Celosia Orange | Freesia | Cayenne | Placid Blue | Paloma | Sand | Hemlock



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