Why I Will Never Again Use A Screen Protector On My Phone

I decided Monday morning I needed a new phone case. So I looked on Etsy and Amazon, and decided that I’d just go to Best Buy and actually pick out a case in person- does anyone even go to stores anymore? So I ran to Best Buy on my lunch, found a case I liked and started to leave. Then I saw the screen protectors… you know, those overpriced sheets of plastic that you can put on your phone to prevent it from getting scratched. I thought of how my last phone had gotten scratched by my keys one day {so annoying} so I decided why not get a screen protector? Better safe than sorry, right?

So I selected the least overpriced screen protector I could find {to the tune of thirty something dollars. Some of these screen protectors were fifty + dollars! Holy Hell!} and hurried back to work so I could put it on. I sit down at my desk, crack open the package, read the instructions and realize that I have to wash my hands before I start this process. UGH! So I walk to the bathroom, wash my hands. Grab some of the extra cheap shitty paper towels we have, and scurry back to my desk. I turn my phone off, per the instructions and thoroughly wipe it probably 15 times;  to make sure all the shit that may have been on my screen was cleaned off. Then I use the lint free cloth that came with the screen protector to give it a final shine before I start applying the screen protector.

I spray my hands with the solution {wonder to myself what is it about this solution that makes it so special? In reality, it’s probably just chemical scented water to make you feel like you didn’t just get totally ripped off by paying thirty bucks for a sheet of plastic.} Technically, I guess that last sentence was a lie – I actually had to ask one of my co-workers to spray my right hand, because I’m right handed and I couldn’t do it with my already sprayed left hand. So once my hands are full of the solution, I peel off the case, and worry that I’m going to apply this wrong and totally ruin it. I take my time placing it just so. I get it placed where I want it, grab the squeegee and start pushing the liquid and air bubbles out. It’s looking real good…. I’m pretty happy, think to myself, ‘score! Maybe I didn’t totally screw this up!’

I’m basically on top of the world…

That is, until I see a small piece of something under the freaking screen protector. How could this have possibly happened? I wiped it SO many times. I know that screen was dust free when I applied it. I’m pissed. That great feeling I had moments before has faded. Why did I think a screen protector was a good idea? UGH! Then, to pour salt in my wound, I read that I’m supposed to leave my phone off for 12 to 24 HOURS! How the heck am I supposed to make it through the rest of my day, and night without my phone on? I wonder again, why did I think a screen protector was a good idea? I contemplate saying fuck it and peeling the whole thing off, but that seems like a colossal waste of time and money. So I decide to just let it sit off, as long as I can… which works out to oh, maybe a full 10 minutes.

It’s been about three days now and every time I look at my phone, naturally, all I can see is that darn speck of dust! I’m still annoyed, but I’ve resigned myself to the fact that that dust is going to be there until this screen protector bites the dust. I guess that a speck of dust is better than a scratch… right? I’m mostly writing this for the sole purpose of reminding my future self NOT to ever buy another screen protector.



5 thoughts on “Why I Will Never Again Use A Screen Protector On My Phone

  1. haha i totally feel your pain if i can manage to get all the bubbles out i find dust, if i can’t find dust i sure as hell cant get all the bubbles out, can never blummin win! haha.


  2. I feel your pain, however, I don’t think I could ever not have one – I did without one for a month with my old iPhone and the scratch it started getting were so much worse than a couple of dust under the protector

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