2014 Blogger Challenge: week 7 – A day in my life

The seventh post for our #2014BloggerChallenge is to share a day in our life, with pictures.  So yesterday,  April 1st I documented my day from start to finish.  I tried to take a picture of what I was doing every hour to kind of give you a glimpse into my life!

photo 57:15a:my alarm goes off around this time every week day. I usually turn it off and spend a few minutes lying in bed checking my email, facebook, instagram etc… What I check depends on how lazy (and unmotivated) I am that morning. I like to procrastinate getting up. {ps- you are welcome I spared you the first thing in the morning selfie! It was not a pretty sight}

photo 17:30a: By 7:30 I’m up.  I wash my face, brush my teeth, and sometimes put on a little makeup.  I usually keep the makeup very simple for work, unless I have a client coming in.  Sometimes I skip the makeup.  Most mornings my hair goes in a bun, or ponytail but I was feeling a little adventurous this morning, so I quickly curled it.

photo 27:45a: after I do my hair/makeup, I spend a few minutes picking out what to wear for the day.  I’m lucky that my office is pretty casual, so jeans and a casual shirt are just perfect.  Here’s my look for work yesterday.

photo 37:50a: usually around this time I scramble to make myself breakfast (chocolate vegan Shakeology) its 12 ounces of skim milk and 1 scoop of the Shakeology powder.  I’m not a huge breakfast person, so this is perfect for me.  It gets me going, without weighing me down, and it’s quick and easy.  I’m also usually scrambling to do something for lunch.  This year, I’ve been trying to cut back on how much I’ve been eating out, especially for lunch.  It’s a big calorie saver, and money saver to pack something myself.  Today I packed a PB&J, strawberries, chobani yogurt, and banana.

photo 48:00a: I should have been in my car leaving, around 7:40- but this is real life, and that rarely happens.  Realistically, I’m leaving the house right around 8 most mornings.  Yesterday was a cold one (and windy) so I begrudgingly put on my winter jacket.  Maybe one of these days, spring will show up in Chicago.

photo 28:15a: I have a quick, 10-15 minute drive to work, which is nice!  So approximately one hour after getting up, I’m walking in the door.  We moved to this new office two summers ago, and I really like my desk, I’m up on 10 and I actually look out over the parking lot.  I have a window seat, which I am so thankful for!

photo 39:15a: So every day of the week is different for me.  This morning I had a department wide meeting from 9-9:30, then a client call from 9:30-10.  Fun times!

photo 510:15a: At 10:15 I was on the phone with a client.  Throughout the day, I get calls and emails from my clients.  Sometimes they’re calling with a question, sometimes a problem, and sometimes it’s just to chat and check in.  I like that my days are always different, it keeps things interesting.  Sure, sometimes it can be annoying if I have a long list of things I’d like to accomplish, and I have something more pressing come up.  Generally, I love the fast paced environment and the ability to change projects, and tasks quickly and frequently throughout the day.

{Side note: it feels weird for me to write about work, since it’s not really something I write about. I made a conscious decision when I started blogging to keep some separation between the blog and my business life. I’m probably being overly vague and my workday pictures are kind of lame. I want to be vague because even through my co-workers know about (and make fun of me for) the blog I don’t want to post anything here that’s weird or that would ever compromise my career.. ya know? So sorry if this part of my day is too boring for you all! skip to 6:15 if this is the case!}

photo 411:15a: Well the photo kind of says it all.. working. I was working on running a few reports for my clients, and answering some emails.  Fun stuff you guys!

photo 112:15p: my company has these lunch and learns, typically around one or two times a week during our slower season. Today we had one that I completely forgot about, hence why I packed my lunch. The training today was Project Manager focused and we talked about effective note taking, and also some of our internal documents and tools and how to use them. We had pizza catered in, so I had a slice of cheese and margarita pizza. The cheese pizza was really good, I wish I had two slices of that, instead of one of the margarita. The margarita pizza was too wet or something, it was kind of weird. Do any of you guys have lunch and learns at your work?

photo 5

1:15p: Back to my desk, checking e-mails.  I had a slight problem come up with one client, so my attention has shifted to that for the time being.

photo 12:15p: I can take or leave coffee.  Today, I needed a little pick me up, so I had my first cup in the afternoon.  Sometimes, I’ll have a cup or two in the morning, sometimes I don’t.  I don’t need it to function like some people I know.  I have two ladies I walk with to get coffee, and we chat.  They’re both out for the rest of this week so I’m missing that time to chat, and walk.

photo 33:15p: Here’s a little view of my desk (and the windows)  I wish I had taken a better picture of my workspace so I could show you where I spend most of my time!  In the background you can kind of see the windows that I love sitting by.  Sometimes it can get chilly at my desk- today it was, so I’m wearing my coat.

photo 24:15p & 5:15p: I had a series of back to back client meetings this afternoon, basically from 3:30-5.  To keep my meeting notes fun I like to use colorful pens.  My co-workers love to tease me about this (can you tell we’re like a big family? We make fun of each other [in a loving way] all day.)  I tried to convince one of my co-workers to take a selfie with me for the blog, but he chickened out.   My meetings ran past 5 a little today, I got to chatting with another colleague about one of our mutual clients, and also life.

photo 46:15 (ish)p: I was actually working at my desk today, when the fire alarms started going off.  Apparently something on the top floor of the building was on fire.  They made me leave around 6 so I took the stairs down from 10.  It wasn’t a hard walk, but I did get a little dizzy going down.  It was an exciting way to end the day.  The good looking firemen at the bottom didn’t hurt either!  I was home by about 6:30 and I had a call with one of the Alumnae chapter presidents for my sorority.  We were strategizing and talking about next steps for her and her chapter.  I think we developed a great game plan for the next few months.

photo 47:15p: As soon as I got off the phone with her, I changed into comfy clothes.  Today, that was yoga pants and a t-shirt.  I’m a big fan of comfy clothes, and I change into them every night.  G cooked dinner tonight (tortellini with red sauce)  he added some red pepper flakes that sneaky guy loves his spices!  After dinner I checked my wedding emails, and did a few things for this fitness challenge group I’m a part of this month.

photo 58:15p: After I finished up those tasks, I got my ass to the gym!  It’s a little later than I would have liked, but I made it.  My plan was to do a little couch to 5k.  I signed up for some 5k’s this summer, I’m trying to practice so I don’t make a fool of myself on race day.  I always take a picture of my run distance and time when I’m done.  Last night I decided to see how much progress I’d made on the treadmill in the month of March, because I feel like running is finally starting to click for me.  Here’s the compare:

photo 1

photo 39:15p: clearly looking hot after my workout (I can’t even believe I’m sharing this pic!)  I get so red when I work out, it’s kind of embarrassing, but this is real life.  Tonight, I’m feeling that runner’s high.  I seriously feel like I could conquer the world tonight.  G is not amused when I get home and I’m super hyper.

photo 210:15p: The hyperness (is this a word?) calmed down, so I sat down with G to watch some TV.  Casino is playing on the DVR. I swear he’s made me watch this movie (or various parts of it) at least 4 times in the past week and a half. It’s not what I’d like to be watching- I was hoping to watch RHONY but I know he hates that show, and he’s having kind of a funky week so I decided not to push the issue.  I don’t last long watching TV tonight because I’m ready for bed before 11.  I’m usually good until midnight, but tonight I’m tired, and I’m not crazy about casino so I decide to call it a night.


10:54p: I’m in bed, I don’t fall asleep until probably 11:15 or so, and then I have a kind of weird sleep- which is pretty usual for me. I have a little routine, get into bed. Wonder if I closed the garage and locked the doors. Ask G to check and he assures me that they’re locked and that he checked-without getting up to actually check. So then I get up to check, because I’m crazy. 99% of the time they are, but occasionally they aren’t. Tonight was a little different because G actually got up to check when I asked, so nice of him! I didn’t sleep great tonight, in fact in the last 3 or 4 years I’ve become kind of a weird sleeper. I have super strange (and very convincing) dreams, that usually involve me freaking out that someone or something is in my room. I’m convinced our house is haunted. G’s convinced I’m just crazy 🙂

Well there you have it, a day in my life! Probably more than you ever wanted to know about the in’s and out’s of my routine! I’d love to know what your routine is like! Is there anything about mine that surprises you?  Questions? 


Happy Hump Day!


8 thoughts on “2014 Blogger Challenge: week 7 – A day in my life

  1. This is too cute! I love your pictures and editing style. I think this would be fun for a bride to do on her wedding day as well… Documenting her beautiful day from when she wakes up to her wedding night and honeymoon!

  2. I would say using an app would probably make it easier. With apps like WeddingMix, you can set up a shot list, so before the wedding day even happens, you can have an organized list of what specific events or times of day you want to capture. What’s really cool is that guests can download the app and use the album code to share any photos they get as well! Everyone can see the shot list; its the perfect way to keep every memory, from drinking champagne with bridesmaids before the ceremony, to the first dance, and beyond.

  3. Steph this is SUCH a fun post! (I may have to steal this idea sometime….). You look gorgeous in every shot, yes even the workout one. You are too hard on yourself, your post-workout glow is something to be super proud of! I get it though; I always feel like I’m just a gross sweaty mess. I’d love to hear some of your tips on running, it’s something I struggle with but want to get better at integrating into my regular workout routine.

    Does your water bottle you use for your smoothie blend it too, or do you use your magic bullet for that?

    • I started just using the blender ball to mix my shakeology mix, especially one the NutriBullet stopped working. It’s better in the blender, but IMO not worth the hassle in the mornings- because if I have to pull a blender out, I’m more likely to just skip the shake.

  4. I got tired only from reading how busy your day is. I’m such a lazy person I don’t go to gym even though I only work until 15:30. I spend my afternoons watching youtube and tv shows 😦

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