Five Minute Friday: Mighty

Five Minute Friday

Today, I’m linking up with Lisa Jo Baker at for Five Minute Friday. FMF is a challenge to write for five minutes straight with no editing, on the same word.  Not to overthink and overanalyze, but to just do it. So here it goes.. the prompt for today is mighty:

When I think of the word mighty, the first thing that comes to my mind is the ocean. And when I looked up the definition of mighty, it honestly is the perfect description:

Mighty: possessing great and impressive power or strength, esp on account of size.

The ocean has impressive power, strength, and size.  Need a reminder? Just  look at all the sand on the beach- the ocean created that.  Have you ever seen a rock with a hole in it like this?

La'ie Point

La’ie Point

The power and strength of the ocean created that too. The mighty ocean has the power and strength to create impressive, and beautiful scenes, it also has the power to be devastating. Just ask someone whose had their home washed away by a tsunami.

I guess I’ve always known in the back of my mind how powerful the ocean is, but I learned firsthand last month. I vividly remember being on the North Shore in Hawaii at Waimea Bay. The signs clearly said that the beach was closed, but everyone else was in the water so G and I decided to do it too. As we were hanging out in the water, I got caught up by a wave crashing over my head. I went flying up the beach, flipping and twisting, and sliding up the sand as that wave crashed along the beach. Then, the water receded and I was left hurting, but also in awe. I’m not a small person, and that wave tossed me around like a plastic bag in the wind. My strength was nothing compared to the mighty strength of the ocean.


Waimea Bay | Feb 2014




5 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday: Mighty

  1. Oh Steph, I imagine that is a memory that will remain vivid for quite some time. I think about your being tossed to and fro. A true reminder of our own weakness and strength. Thank you for sharing. It makes me think about God’s strength and truly how we barely know the depths of it until we are given in completely.

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