March Wedding Planning Recap

March has been a whirlwind of wedding vendor interviews!

  • G and I met with 6 DJ’s
  • I met with 4 florists
  • I had 4 in person coordinator interviews, and 6 phone coordinator interviews

Phew! It makes me tired just thinking about how much I ran around this month! Thankfully, the months (and the interviews) are behind us. We’re 99.8% sure we found our DJ and we should be putting down the deposit and signing the contract in the next few days! We are so excited, when we met with him we had a really great conversation and I think he understood us, and what we’re looking for! Some of the things we liked most about him: he can spin, like you’d expect in a club, he also can provide custom up lighting that will change colors to the music, and he’s going to help us get our name in lights for the big night! We want our reception to have a party vibe, and I think this DJ will really help us to achieve it!

I’ve decided for now, not to proceed with a day of coordinator. My DOC price point (what I wanted to spend) was about $500- and let me tell you, no one was close AT ALL to that point. I think the lowest quote I got was $900, and the highest for DOC was $3,000!!! Yes, you read that right… THREE THOUSAND DOLLARS! With most quotes falling into the $1600 range. When I sat down to look at things and make a decision, I realized that I was paying someone (big bucks) to do things that either A: I had already started (like a timeline) or B: I enjoyed doing. I like to think I’m pretty organized, and as a project manager during the day, it’s my job to see the big picture but also understand the details. So for now, no DOC- I’d rather take the money and spend it somewhere else, like a really nice dress, upgraded flowers, an extra day for our honeymoon etc..

As for the florists, these are the vendor interviews I’ve enjoyed most! I met with 4, and I liked each of them. Two are more traditional floral shops and two are florists who work out of their home. Right now, I’ve eliminated two of the contenders- one based solely on price (about 1k above everyone else!) and the other because we just really didn’t click, and I’m not sure that I feel totally confident she can deliver for our big day. So to narrow it down between the two remaining contenders, I’m going to carefully go over the quotes, re-read reviews, and I might be making a few tweaks to our preliminary quotes to see how it impacts things. Of the two, I’m favoring one but I want to be sure that I’m giving both a fair shot and making the best decision for our big day!

The next big things I’ll want to tackle are starting to think about bridesmaid styling (PS- have you seen my new Bridesmaid Style series?!?) I think I’m going to make an executive decision, that we’re going to go with shorter dresses, because I think that will better fit the look and vibe I’m going for. I’m also leaning towards going with black dresses, but I’d like to see the ladies in a few colors before I 100% commit to that. I guess it’s also time for me to start thinking about going dress shopping- I’m not ready because I’m not really happy with my weight/body- BUT I am working on it, so hopefully in June I’ll be feeling a little more confident, and ready to go shopping!



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