March Book Club: Divergent


Bonnie over at The Life of Bon posted a series of questions tonight for her book club  about Divergent.  If you’ve been reading this blog for more than a minute, you probably know I’ve been fangirling this series since I started it in mid-February.

So since this might be {but hopefully won’t be} the only time I’ve actually read the book that’s being discussed I knew I needed to jump at the chance to get involved!

The questions

Who is your favorite character in the novel and why?

I’m inclined to say Tris, because well.. I guess I’m usually a sucker for the main character. I think if I said Tris this time, I’d be lying. For some reason I’m really drawn to Tris’s mom, Natalie Prior. She seems like such a great mom, really supportive and you can tell based on how Tris thinks and speaks about her that they had a special bond. She started standing out to me when she visited Tris at the Dauntless compound, but I seriously loved how she rescued Tris from drowning. I was sad to see her die, but it felt like a noble death seeing as her dying enabled Tris to continue on, which was really heroic.

Did you like Tris as the main character? Why or why not? Do you see her as a strong female lead?

I do like Tris as the main character. I enjoyed ‘living’ the story from her perspective. I like d how she was able to think, and analyze the scenarios. I feel like I get what makes her tick. As for being a strong female lead, I think she’s strong… but she does seem to rely on Four a lot, which is kind of annoying. I’m all about being independent, and relying on no one. I think, at times we see her really flaunting that independence, but then other times she kind of crumbles under pressure.

What did you think of the ending of the book? Was it satisfactory to you?

I was satisfied with the ending of the book, but I also tore right into book 2! This is just one of the perks of living under a rock; you don’t have to wait with baited breath to find out what happens next!

Did you like the writing style? Why or why not?

I did enjoy Veronica Roth’s style. It drew me in, and kept me engrossed and to me that’s all I care about. The book was easy to read, and it seemed to flow fairly well. I thought she gave enough detail that I wasn’t struggling to imagine what was going on, but not too much so that it was boring. I honestly couldn’t tell you if it was written ‘well’ because I don’t have a knack for grammar or punctuation {maybe you’ve noticed this in my writing style- sorry if it bugs you!}

What was the most surprising or shocking thing in the book for you?

The most surprising scene in the book for me was when Tris finally finds Four in the control room. I was on the edge of my seat wondering how it was going to end. I guess even though I knew it was kind of coming, I was still surprised. Another good surprise was when my girl Natalie Prior saved Tris, which was a happy but unexpected twist for me!

How do you feel about Tris and Four’s relationship? Could you tell that Four liked her before Tris figured it out?

Come on.. it was so obvious!!

Additional Notes:

I enjoyed the setting of this book, you know since I’m from Chicago and all. {In case you’re wondering… yes. I in my head I did think that Chicago with my thickest Chicago accent… come on you probably did too!}

All in all, I enjoyed Divergent. I found the factions concept interesting and now I’m wondering which one I would have chosen had I been given the choice.. Amity is out because well I’m not really a peaceful/calm person. Candor doesn’t really do it for me, and I’m most certianly not selfless so I guess Abnegation is out.  That leaves Dauntless (totally bad ass!) or Erudite (Smarty Pants!) and I honestly have no idea between those two, which I’d pick!

My question(s) for, if you read Divergent-

What faction would you choose, given the choice & why?

Also, are you or will you go see the movie?divergent




8 thoughts on “March Book Club: Divergent

  1. Buzzfeed have a test so you can find out which Fraction you’d belong to – I got Amity! I enjoyed this book and have ordered the second so I can keep reading! Great review 🙂

  2. YAY! Love these books! I went and saw the movie and they did a pretty good job though I still like the book better 😉

    As far as the factions go, I’d probably end up in Erudite because I’m a nerd haha

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