A lazy (but productive) weekend

Saturday morning, I had an early interview (9:30- what was I thinking!!) in Geneva with a wedding coordinator.  After, I had brunch plans with one of my friends Courtney who lives out that way.  We went to this cute little place called Nosh Company in downtown Geneva.  I’ve been on a brunch kick lately, and Nosh did not disappoint!  The inside is a bit small (let’s call it cozy!) We waited about 10 minutes for a table, not bad on a busy Saturday morning!  The inside is cute, with a fun retro twist. I ordered the Monte Cristo Benedict – which was an English muffin topped with thinly sliced ham, melted gruyere cheese, poached eggs and grape hollandaise and she got the Costa Rican Breakfast – which included two eggs with cheesy vegetarian pink beans served along side jicama slaw, chipotle vinaigrette and a house-made cheesy tortilla.  It was GREAT!!


Top: Costa Rican Breakfast
Bottom: Monte Cristo Benedict

Sidebar: I’ve been on a brunch kick lately (and a poached egg kick apparently!) last weekend Logan {from Windy City Living} and I got brunch at Siena Tavern we split two different breakfast options, one savory {Lobster Hash- poached eggs, caramelized vegetables, house cured pancetta, and truffle hollandaise} and one sweet { Stuffed French Toast= apple cheesecake stuffed brioche, vanilla cream, saba, grapes} and it was amazing.

Top: Stuffed French Toast  Bottom: Lobster Hash

Top: Stuffed French Toast
Bottom: Lobster Hash

Ok so enough of my fat kid side-baring (mmm food!) and back to my lazy but productive weekend!  After brunch at Nosh, we headed to the Geneva Commons because Court needed to get a gift for a bridal shower, and well because I have a shopping problem and it doesn’t take much to convince me to go shopping.   Anyways as we were wandering around, the heavens parted, and a beam of light shined down from above, and angels started singing- I spotted the Parker Spirits Cabinet in the ‘final sale’ section.  Okay obviously all the theatrics didn’t really happen but it felt that way.

You might be thinking I’m crazy {and, clearly I am} but G and I had been looking at the Parker Spirits Cabinet a few months ago for our living room.  We went back and forth about it..   We have this blank wall between our kitchen and entertainment center.  I’ve been wanting to do something to this space, but we weren’t sure exactly what to do.  Also, thanks to our engagement party, have established a small wine collection that completely overtook the place where we had been storing our liquor.  So I thought this bar cart would be a great solution.  Here’s the catch, and why we didn’t buy it immediately:  after the wedding, we’re remodeling the basement and putting in a wet bar.  So we thought it was foolish to spend $400 on a piece of furniture that would be useless once we completed those renovations.  However, on this fine Saturday, in the final sale section the Parker Cabinet was 50% off I love a good sale! I quickly inspected it, and determined why it was final sale- one of the shelves on the right side was broken.. BUT I also am engaged to a super handy guy so I was confident G would be able to fix it, or make it work..  So I gave him a call and he agreed that it seemed like a good move.  So I talked to one of the sales ladies and got her to take another 15% off have I mentioned that I love a good sale?

This post would be useless without a nice Before of our ‘problem area’: photo 2

photo 1

 and a few After shots:

photo 4

photo 3

photo 5

As you can see, it has two bartop leaves that flip open to hold drinks and snacks (or in my case, dried flowers and a bottle of Jack.  Inside, there is space for my small collection of stemware.  The front door drops down to create an open serving area, and it has a drawer that I’m storing bottle openers, shot glasses, and wine corks in.  The biggest plus (at least for us) is the 18-bottle wine bin.  I’m on the hunt now for a mirror or clock to hang above, and I’d like to get a little bar tray (possibly mirrored) so I don’t have to worry about G spilling drinks on the wood.  It’s still a semi work in progress, but I was happy to score it for under $200!

We spent the rest of the day Saturday straightening up the house, and that evening we went out for G’s Grandma’s birthday- afterwards everyone came over for cake!  The Sunday I had a lazy day, I met my mom for a Weight Watchers meeting, we ran to Costco, I had another wedding coordinator interview.  I got home about noon and had time to start reading book 3 of the Divergent series (so far, so good) and even time for a nap!  I had wanted to get my nails done, but unfortunately didn’t get my shit together in time {why do nail places need to close at 5 on a Sunday!?!}  So I made an easy dinner Turkey Chili and we hung out, and watched the Walking Dead.  It was a nice, low key weekend- which was a welcome change from the crazy, fast paced weekends I’ve had lately!



3 thoughts on “A lazy (but productive) weekend

  1. What a great weekend! (Although your recap makes me seriously crave some brunch). LOVE your sweet shopping score at C&B-seriously nothing is better than a sale! Now you have to invite everyone over for drinks!! : )

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