Five Minute Friday: Joy

Five Minute Friday

Today, I’m linking up with Lisa Jo Baker at for Five Minute Friday.  FMF is a challenge to write for five minutes straight with no editing, on the same word. I was particularly excited to find this link up, becuase I’ve been wanting to do more ‘real writing’ here on the blog.  I thought this seemed like a great chance to just write.  Not to overthink and overanalyze, but to just do it.  So here it goes.. the prompt for today is joy :

Joy is an interesting thing when you really think about it. It’s kind of elusive, because it’s hard to quantify. Furthermore, what brings me joy, may not be what brings you joy.

Joy is something many people search for, but fail to find. I’m guilty of this myself. Sometimes it’s too easy to get wrapped up in what’s going wrong, instead of focusing on what’s going right, what makes us happy, what brings us joy. I think if we tried, joy could be found in almost every situation. It doesn’t have to be a huge thing; even just a small victory can bring joy. We can even bring joy to others, by doing the small things: smiling at a stranger, picking up a coffee for your cube mate, bringing in the trash cans after work (even though that’s not your ‘job’), making small talk with an co-worker, or even just saying ‘hi.’ Joy doesn’t have to be complicated, it can be easy.

And now my timer’s beeping so my five minutes are up!

Hope you enjoyed these random ramblings on this week’s topic!



5 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday: Joy

  1. Hi Steph! Popping by today with Five Minute Friday. Your post brought me joy! Thank you – yes, they can be such small things, but they can bring great joy. Thanks for the reminder to keep an eye for that detail.

  2. I totally agree that joy does not have to be complicated. We can gain and give so much joy through simple and small actions!

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