2014 Blogger Challenge: week 5

The fifth post for our #2014BloggerChallenge is all about nails.. and in true form, I’m fashionably late!  I haven’t really had my nails painted at all in the past month or so, they were a hot mess.  Last night I decided to quickly paint them {warning: I am not very good at painting my own nails so please don’t judge!} I wanted to do something fun for St.Patrick’s day today, but I thought going all green might be a little too daring for me, so I decided to try out something that’s been all the rage lately, a statement nail! photo I used some polish I had laying around to achieve the look Essie’s Sand Tropez and Ruffian’s Trust Fund which I had gotten a few months ago in a Birchbox.   I also used my favorite top coat by Seche Vite .

If I’m being honest, Sand Tropez is not my favorite polish, the first coat never goes on well- it’s definitely a color you need two (sometimes three) coats of. I do like the results when you take the time to put enough polish on, it’s a nice neutral polish.

I thought the Ruffian polish went on easily, although the color is one I’d never buy for myself it has a goldish note to it, which I like.

I already mentioned I love the Seche Vite fast dry top coat, I would certainly recommend checking it out if you’re looking for a new top coat. There are a few things to keep in mind if you use it:

  1.  You have to coat the whole nail, if you miss a part that will inevitably be the part that chips
  2. Don’t wait for your previous coat to dry too much, it works best if you only give your top coat of color a few minutes (less than 5) to dry before applying the top coat.

So I slapped this polish on last night before the Walking Dead {sidenote: did you guys watch TWD??  What an interesting episode.. not what I saw coming at all!} and then I hung out and watched the show, once it was over my nails were dry enough to go about my night without any major dents, smudges, or sheet marks (which is why I heart the Seche Vite top coat!)

Hope you guys are having a nice St. Patricks Day!



3 thoughts on “2014 Blogger Challenge: week 5

  1. Saint patricks day was fun although I didn’t get a chance to celebrate it much here. It’s not really that big of a thing although I did briefly mention it to my fellow Scottish mate. Statement nails are so in! Have you heard of the suggestive nails too? It’s quite rude, but it’s the same thing… only the single painted colour is on the middle nail. I guess you know what it suggests…


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