March Wedding Update

I can’t believe it’s already March and I’m totally blaming the weather here in Chicago.. gosh it’s been just brutal! I had been hoping so badly that when we got back from Hawaii winter would be over, but that has not been the case!  Anyway, seeing as it’s a new month I figured it might time for another wedding update!  This month I’ve got a ton of vendor interviews scheduled.. but one real goal:  to have our DJ selected and contract signed by the end of the month.   I’ve sprinkled in a few florist interviews and one day of coordinator interview for good measure.  I’m so nervous to meet with the florists, I have a feeling that what I want is not going to work with our budget – doesn’t this always seem to be the case!

I finally asked all of my bridesmaids, and they all said yes! So I setup a secret Pinterest board for them so we could collaborate on ideas.  I’ll be doing posts on both points later this month!  G has asked 3/4 of his groomsmen.  I loved asking each of my ladies and seeing their reactions, but I think I’ve been enjoying more listening to how G asked his friends, and how he recaps their reactions to me.  I giggle everytime because I can totally picture how the conversation(s) went.  Even though we won’t really need the bridal parties to do anything for quite some time, it’s a nice feeling to cross it off the list.

Let’s see what else.. we’ve already had two DJ interviews so far, and I’ve come to the conclusion that DJ’s are just seriously a different breed.  We have had some interesting experiences so far, once we finalize our decision I might have to whip up a little post with some of the funny things we’ve experienced!  I guess there’s not a whole lot going on, on the wedding front we’re just chugging along making good progress checking off the big things!  I can’t believe that it’s only 14 months away.. which sounds like a long time, but I have a feeling it’s going to be here before we know it!



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