First World Problems Friday


– I’m feeling guilty I haven’t been to see my colorist in months.. I’m just so happy with the color my hair is right now I don’t want to change it. She clearly did too good of a job.

– It really annoys me when I can’t get a decent parking spot at work.. And not because it means a longer walk, but because my remote starter won’t work if I’m in the last row. Is winter over yet?

– I can’t find a pair of Hunter boots that fit my fat athletic calves. Why must they be so large?!?

– The feeling when your Naked 3 eyeshadow palette falls off your vanity onto the bathroom floor.. aka: panic and sheer terror that it’s going to be ruined Luckily it was fine.. Phew!

– When you’re trying to wait to watch your favorite shows.. But then you check your twitter feed and it’s blowing up about them. Just watch the shows before someone tweets a spoiler.

All joking and whining aside.. TGIF!
I’m beyond ready for the weekend!



3 thoughts on “First World Problems Friday

  1. How fun is this? First world problems are nice to have because it is so much better then 2nd or 3rd. I think they remind us, again, of how blessed we really are.

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