Hawaii – Day 4

On our fourth day in Hawaii we headed to Pearl Harbor.  I was a bit nervous because when I tried to get tickets online on the National Park Service website it said they were all sold out. I heard sometimes if you get there early, they have tickets leftover and you can get some, so we headed out and arrived there a little after 8am.  On the way we made a quick pit stop at this amazing bakery one of my friends who lived in Honolulu took me to last year, Leonard’s. Leondard’s is famous for their Malasadas I can’t even begin to describe how great these little treats are,so  I’ll let this picture do the talking:


They are filled with a variety of fillings custard, dobash (chocolate), haupia (coconut) and other flavors of the month.  Mmmmm! (Now I want a Malasada!) I got the custard, G got the dobash.  They were a totally sweet way to start the day.

We arrived at Pearl Harbor a little past 7, walked right up to the desk and got tickets for the 9am tour.  We wandered around checking out the different sites as we waited for our tour time.  Here are some of my favorite snapshots from the day:


USS Missouri on the left, USS Arizona on the right.


USS Arizona anchor


USS Bowfin submarine museum


Pearl Harbor is the crossroads of the Pacific


The USS Arizona Memorial

It was a nice way to spend the morning.  It was kind of funny, since I majored in history in college G thought I should know the answer to every question he had to ask. I was able to answer most of them, but I’m a bit rusty on my stats.   After we visited the USS Arizona memorial, we had the opportunity to tour the USS Missouri, it was really neat to see how they were refurbishing and rehabbing the ship. That afternoon we headed back to the beach {have you noticed yet that we like hanging at the beach?} After the beach, we went to happy hour with my mom at the Hula Grill right on the beach.

1622251_10101022968450125_889826411_nFunny story about this picture, I posted it on facebook and two of my co-workers commented that they were sitting at our usual after work spot.. actually I’m not even sure if the Stadium club counts as a ‘spot’, it’s more of a dive bar.  She informed me they were enjoying warm Miller Lites (this sounds about right for the stadium)  it gave me a good laugh!

After happy hour we walked down to Hilton Hawaiian Village to catch the Friday night fireworks.  It was a nice way to start the weekend.




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