Hawaii – Day 3

After our beach day at Waikiki beach, we were both a little bit sunburned so we wanted to think of something we could do that wouldn’t put us out in the sun all day. We debated what to do for awhile, and finally settled on the Atlantis Submarine Tour. I thought the tour was okay, I would have rather been diving but since G is not certified we compromised settled on this. I think the submarine had potential to be cool, but the visibility off of Oahu just isn’t that great in my experience. I think somewhere where the visibility is better, the tour would be infinitely better. I also wouldn’t recommend it if you get seasick/claustrophobic easily G was not feeling so hot during the tour, I think he was relieved when it was over 🙂 Here are some of the pictures from the tour:


The Submarine


Remnants of a sunken airliner



The deepest we went


G & I in the submarine


Check out that turtle hanging out on the YO-257


We saw another turtle swimming near the San Pedro

After the submarine tour we walked down the beach and spent a few hours at Waikiki beach.  It was a nice low key day!



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