Hawaii- Day 2

G and I were wide awake yesterday around 8am. If you know us, you probably know this is unusual for us. We bolt really enjoy sleeping- but I think it was the time change coupled with the fact that we went to bed at oh.. 9:30. When we hog up, G begged me to go to IHOP.. I’m not really a fan of their overpriced breakfasts- but he really, really, really wanted to go so I agreed.

After breakfast we headed back to our hotel to get ready for the beach- I mean it was 81′ and sunny is there any better beach weather?!? so we got our stuff together, greased up, and walked over to the the beach. It was a great day of relaxing and hanging out, working on our tans, swimming in the ocean, enjoying the time together.


One of the best things about Waikiki beach (well probably any beach) is the people watching. We saw some great outfits, I think my favorite was one lady who was wearing black ankle boots, a navy skirt that hit just below the knee, and a white long sleeved dress shirt. It was an interesting outfit for the beach to say the least.


Around 3 we headed back to our hotel to get changed. We definitely got some color. My back is red.. I’ll give you one guess whose job it was to grease that up!

After we got ready we headed to happy hour, G made fun of my tropical-inspired outfit, had a few pitchers of beer, then we met my mom after work.  We tried a new restaurant for dinner Nico’s on Pier 38. My mom and I enjoyed the seafood, G had pizza. I wish he liked seafood, he’s really missing out on some delicious things!

It was a nearly perfect day in paradise!



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