Smashbox Always Sharp Eyeliner & Kiehl’s Makeup Remover

I want to preface this e-mail by telling you I am the worst; I promised this last week, and I’m sorry it didn’t happen!  Today I spent some time getting ready before work so I could snap some pictures.


First up, Smashbox’s Always Sharp 3d Eyeliner I purchased this in Orchid which is a really pretty purple*.

I was at my local Ulta a few weeks ago browsing { I could seriously spend all day browsing at Ulta } and I remembered that I really needed a new purple eyeliner.  So I wandered over to the makeup section and this one caught my eye.  I liked the concept of ‘always sharp’ because I swear to you I am always losing my darn pencil sharpener.  That thing disappears for months at a time, and I’m left scratching my eyelids trying to use my liners without sharpening.  I figured, what the heck I’d give it a try.  So I played around with the colors and decided on Orchid.

  Here’s the pencil in action, and a quick demo of how it self sharpens:


Using the pencil, notice how it’s naturally getting less sharp.

photo 3

replace the cap- it’s super easy, you just screw it on

When you remove the cap again, it's sharp!

When you remove the cap again, it’s sharp!

Honestly, still a little unsure about the whole ‘3d’ part of the name, but it does really sharpen itself which is a nice little feature. More importantly, I think the color applies evenly and the $20 pricetag is reasonable.  I’ll probably be buying another one in a navy blue* color as soon as I finish off my CK eyeliner.

*Beauty Tip: If you’re a brown eyed girl like me, purple and navy eyeliner just might be your next  BFF!  These two colors are my secret weapon, they are not as harsh as black and they provide a very fun (but subtle) pop of color!   Give it a try!!

Next up is Kiehl’s Supremely Gentle Eye Make-Up Remover I think I mentioned a while back that I’ve been on the hunt for a new eye makeup remover.  I hadn’t found one I liked, until I got this one.  I’ve been pretty pleased.  Here’s what I really like about the product:

  1. It really is gentle, I don’t get a burning feeling at all when using this product.  In fact sometimes I put it on before I get in the shower, then leave it for a few minutes while I wash my hair and then I rinse it off and wash my face.
  2. I also like that it’s a cream, it makes it easier to apply.  I usually use my fingers and just rub it on, but I’ve also used a cotton ball.
  3. I think it does a good job removing my makeup without scrubbing, and without leaving tons of makeup residue.
  4. It doesn’t leave an oily residue when I’m done.  This could be my biggest pet peeve about my previous makeup remover. The residue meant I had to wash my face, at least once (sometimes twice) to remove that oily feeling.  No thanks!

Since I had already put the eyeliner on my hand, I decided to give this remover a little test this morning and put on a few more products to show you how it works.

photo 1

Eyeshadow, liner, mascara (what I usually wear on my eyes)

I applied a little of the Kiehl's remover

I applied a little of the Kiehl’s remover

photo 3

Gently rubbed it in (no need to rub hard)
Doesn’t this look so gross?!?

photo 4

Here’s my hand all fresh and clean!

I’m very pleased with these two purchases and would recommend both to any friends looking to try something new. I have two more product reviews (including the Clinique Chubby Stick Lip Product pictured above) they should be coming soon, so keep an eye peeled for those!



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