2014 Valentines Day Gift Ideas

Can you believe Valentines Day is only a week away?  I thought I’d come up with a few ideas for you guys in case you’re in a bit of a pickle trying to figure out what to do for your sweetheart this year.

If I’m being completely honest {and I always try to be completely honest here} G and I are in a total gift giving rut, we have gotten each other the same gifts for Valentines Day the past 3 or 4 years.  I always get him a gift card to his favorite car wash; he renews my birchbox subscription for the year and sends flowers to my work.  Sometimes if it works, it works.. and this seems to work for us right now.   Anyways, enough rambling about me and G.. here are my ideas to help you with your gifting:

valentines day

Valentine’s Day gifts for him:

  1. Jambox by Jawbone: This is a great option for the music lover in your life!  The Jambox is a portable speaker that he can use to play music basically anywhere.  There are a few models, at different price points.  Another thing I like is it comes in a variety of colors, and I believe on the website you even have the option to customize your own and create your own unique color combination.  My friend has the original, and I think it produces great sound for the average room.   MINI: currently $149 – ORIGINAL: currently $149 – BIG: currently $249
  2. Townsman Chronograph Stainless Steel Watch by Fossil: I personally like this black watch, it’s a good everyday watch for the man in your life.  I think Fossil is a nice mid-point brand, it’s not cheap but it’s also not crazy expensive.  This watch is priced at $165, they have options that are less expensive, and you can certainly find more expensive options at Fossil, and elsewhere.  You know the man in your life, pick a watch that suits him.
  3. Woven Silk Tie by Burberry London: If you’ve got a fashionable man to shop for, or someone who dresses up regularly I think a nice tie is a great gift (although maybe a teeny bit cliché.)  I think when you’re getting someone a gift that they’ll use frequently, like a tie it’s the perfect chance to splurge a little and get them something that they maybe wouldn’t buy for themselves.  This Burberry London tie is $150, if that’s higher than your price point many department stores sell cheaper options.
  4. urBeats Earbud Headphones by Dr. Dre: Beats headphones seem to be everywhere these days.  The on-ear headphones basically come in every color under the sun, and serve as a real statement tech accessory. If the music lover in your life likes the Beats brand, but maybe isn’t into the statement that the on-ear headphones make I think these earbud headphones are a nice compromise.  Starting at $99, they are less expensive than the on-ear headphones, but definitely not cheap.
  5. Tickets/Experience: I think giving tickets or an experience can be a great gift, and as an added bonus you can enjoy it as well!  You know the man in your life best, would he love to see a specific concert? sporting event? There are many options, and many resources for getting tickets.  I personally like StubHub or Ticketmaster definitely be careful buying tickets, there are lots of shady people trying to run scams. I also see some great experience deals on sites like Groupon.  In Chicagoland, we have quite a few fun experiences available to us like K1 Speed (indoor go-kart racing), Whirly Ball,  Boat tours on Lake Michigan/Chicago River , Skydive Chicago.  Be creative, think outside the box!  The other nice thing about giving an experience, is you can find something to match your price point, no matter what it is.
  6. ‘Air Max Defy RN’ Running Shoe by Nike: For the fitness junkie in your life, a nice new pair of running shoes could be a welcome gift!  Nike has a bunch of cool new designs out that vary from very loud (think bright neon colors) to more standard (pictured above.)  These Nikes come in at $95 which makes them totally do-able if your budget is $100 or less!
  7. ‘Power’ Stays (6-Piece Set) by Würkin Stiffs: When I saw these I immediately thought of G.. In fact, I may get this in addition to my usual gift.  He is always breaking the stays that come with his dress shirts or losing one of them.  We have a small trinket jar on the dresser in our bedroom and it is full of stays he never wears.  I’m envisioning dumping that jar out and giving him this six piece set to set his collars straight for the rest of time!  At $40 they’re a reasonably
    priced and thoughtful gift that he can certainly put to good use.

Valentine’s Day gifts for her:

  1. Faceted cone necklace by J.Crew :  J.Crew has been killing it lately with the accessories, I basically want everyone they make.  I really like this necklace that would be perfect for work or play.  Jewelry might be a little cliché for a Valentines day gift, but I think it’s fun to splurge a little and get her something she maybe wouldn’t buy for herself- like a $95 J.Crew necklace.  If your price point is lower than a hundred bucks, Etsy is a great resource for cheaper (but similar looking) versions of some of the trendy necklaces that designers like J.Crew are putting out.
  2. ‘Robinson’ iPhone 5 Case by Tori Burch or ‘jewel stripe’ Samsung Galaxy S 4 case: The lady in your life likely has a phone, and she can probably use a new case!  Kind of like the ties above for guys, I think this is a fun place to really treat her- splurge a little on something she might want (a designer case) but probably wouldn’t spend her money on.  The Tori Buch comes in at $60  Kate Spade comes in at $40.  There are a million {ok probably not a million, but seriously a lot} of options to choose from.  Find one that matches her style.  If your lady doesn’t love brand names, you can probably find a case on Etsy that you can personalize with her monogram.
  3. The O.G (Overnight & Gym) Bag by Lo and Sons: I have a Lo and Sons bag that they don’t make anymore which I use for travel (and everyday) and I love it!  These nylon bags are great.  If she travels frequently for business or pleasure, I think these are a must have because of the back panel sleeve which secures the bag over luggage handles.  The side pocket for shoes/heels is great for the gym lover in your life, she can stash her shoes there and not have to worry about the contents of the bag getting gross.  I think the construction of these bags is great, and I highly recommend them to my friends {and now you!}  The OG is a bit pricey at $295  they also make an OMG (overnight & medium gym bag) which is a bit less expensive $275. I’ve seen Lo and Sons do quite a few sales- where everything goes 30% off,  which won’t help you in time for Valentines day, but might come in handy in the future.. Tuck that nugget of knowledge away for another day!
  4. Birchbox Subscription I’m a fan of Birchbox, but there are other similar subscription services ( like Ipsy, Julep-Maven etc.. )  If the lady in your life is into body products and makeup, this might be a great gift!  One of the things I like about gifting a monthly subscription is that it’s something they get monthly.  Every month, I think of G when I get my Birchbox in the mail, I know he likes seeing me get excited to open it and see what’s inside.  Birchbox and Ipsy are priced at approximately $10 a month, and I believe the Julep Maven is $19.99 a month.  Tip: don’t feel pressured to limit yourself to makeup/beauty products.  There are monthly subscriptions out there for seriously everything- from food to flowers- you also don’t have to commit to a year, most places also offer 3 and 6 month subscriptions, which will help you stick to your price point.
  5. Dot Scarf by Gap: If you’ve got a less expensive price point, or maybe you’re looking for a small add on gift I highly recommend looking into scarves.  I liked the Dot Scarf by Gap (pictured above) which is $29.95, but there are scarf options for seriously every budget. If you’re trying to spend under $20 check out the selection at Target, if you’ve got more money to spend, look into a designer scarf, Burberry has a ton of cute options!
  6. ‘Original Tall’ Gloss Rain Boot by Hunter: I’m hoping to live vicariously through the lady in your life, because my calves are just not built for Hunter boots {believe me, I’ve tried}  get her a pair in a fun color like turquoise or red.  I know these are called ‘rain boots’ but don’t be fooled, women are wearing Hunters all the time (even when it’s not raining) Don’t believe me? check out Pinterest for proof!  These boots are $140 so they aren’t cheap, but everyone seems to be OBSESSED with them.
  7. Medium Satsuma Gift by The Body Shop: If it’s a new relationship, maybe you aren’t sure what to get her or maybe like me she’s obsessed with body products.  A gift set from her favorite store is a safe bet.  I picked out this Satsuma gift set because it was a reasonable price point on sale for $31.50 but also because I thought it provided a good product variety- shower gel, soap, body polish, body butter, and a candle. Most of the time, at places like the body shop they have a variety of sets from small to large that will help you hit your set price point. Tip: if you’re going the gift set route, I recommend going for product variety- don’t get six body lotions in different scents, get her a variety of products in one scent.  Also, seriously don’t stress about picking ‘the perfect scent’ smell a few pick one you think she would like.. or ask the sales associate to recommend their most popular product.  Scent is a totally personal thing, and unless she told you she really likes xyz scent just get a gift receipt, and let her know that you got one so she could exchange it for a scent she likes.

Hopefully this gift guide gave you an idea or two for Valentines day! 

If you have specific gifting questions, leave me a comment I’m happy to try and help you hunt for the ‘perfect’ gift!



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