2014 Super Bowl Commercial Recap

Yesterday evening, like most of America we tuned in for the Superbowl… boy was the game a snoozefest.  We had no real vested interest in either team ( Go Bears!) I had purchased a few squares in the office pool so I was mildly interested in the game with hopes of winning some money .  Unfortunately, that safety totally messed up my otherwise good numbers!  Once I realized I had no chance of winning, I turned my interest towards the commercials which were also mostly boring.  I was able to pick a few favorites, as well as a few of my least favorites.



1.) “A Hero’s Welcome” by Budweiser- I think this was the first commercial that I really liked; in fact it brought a tear to my eye (which commercials seem to do more and more lately– man I’m getting soft in my old age!) It was so sweet and a Hero’s welcome truly deserved.  I wish that all of those who sacrifice and serve our country could have such a heartfelt and grandiose welcome home.

2.) “Puppy Love” by Budweiser- This commercial was just so cuuuuuutttttteeeee! Puppies, horses, a mini-love story.. aww!

3.) “The Phone Call” by RadioShack-  If you can’t laugh at yourself, then what can you laugh at? I thought it was brilliant how RadioShack made fun of themselves.. It was awesome. Loved the song, loved the 80’s characters, loved the concept!  I can’t promise it will make me shop at RadioShack (I’m more of a Nordstrom gal myself.. tech accessories are G’s thing) but I think it was money well spent. I heard quite a few people chatting about this commercial at the proverbial water cooler today.

Least Favorites:

1.) “The Truth” by Kia- This was the commercial I liked least yesterday.  Let me tell you why, it’s not because the concept sucked.. in fact just the opposite, I thought the concept was AMAZING.  I loved everything about it, until I found out the ‘luxury’ car was a Kia… ummm NO.  I’m sorry, a Kia is not and will not ever be a luxury car in my book.  If this was an Audi, Lexus, Infiniti, Benz, BMW commercial it would have been so amazing. I just couldn’t get over the fact that this was a Kia, ugh!   This is the #1 on my least favorite list because I was so disappointed.

{Sidenote: if you have a Kia and I’m offending you, I’m sorry… but answer honestly.. did you actually buy that car thinking it was a luxury car? Me thinks not, me thinks it was a ‘decent’ car at a ‘decent’ price.}

2.) Big Game Ad Starring Terry Crews and the Muppets by Toyota- This commercial was totally lost on me.  There was way too much going on. Too many bright colors, too much noise. Didn’t like it one bit.

While I’m on the topic of this commercial, I have an interesting side note.. G and  I have observed that Toyota, Taco Bell, and Ace Hardware are all using the same house / Neighborhood in their commercials…

Exhibit A: Ace Commercial

ace house

Exhibit B:  Taco Bell Commercial

TB House

Exhibit C: Toyota Commercial

toyota house

Verdict: ALL THE SAME HOUSE!!!!! Right?

Come on please tell me I’m not crazy!!

3. Chobani Yogurt Bear- I guess I just didn’t get it.. The bear totally ruins the store, but then has the common sense to ring the bell? All for a yogurt.. for real?  Meh weird commercial, but I still like the yogurt!

Well there you have my  favorite and least favorite commercials from yesterday evening.

 Did you watch the game? 

What were your favorites and least favorites? 

I’d love to know!



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