Hawaii – Day 6

Sunday was our final day in Hawaii.  We spent the morning at the hotel pool, then checked out and took a drive to Mount Tantalus for a final view of the city before heading to the airport to catch our flight.  G’s first trip to Hawaii was a great success.  It was just what we needed to relax and recharge!  I’ll leave you with our view from Mount Tantulas:


Have you ever been to Hawaii? Would you like to go someday?



First World Problems Friday


– I’m feeling guilty I haven’t been to see my colorist in months.. I’m just so happy with the color my hair is right now I don’t want to change it. She clearly did too good of a job.

– It really annoys me when I can’t get a decent parking spot at work.. And not because it means a longer walk, but because my remote starter won’t work if I’m in the last row. Is winter over yet?

– I can’t find a pair of Hunter boots that fit my fat athletic calves. Why must they be so large?!?

– The feeling when your Naked 3 eyeshadow palette falls off your vanity onto the bathroom floor.. aka: panic and sheer terror that it’s going to be ruined Luckily it was fine.. Phew!

– When you’re trying to wait to watch your favorite shows.. But then you check your twitter feed and it’s blowing up about them. Just watch the shows before someone tweets a spoiler.

All joking and whining aside.. TGIF!
I’m beyond ready for the weekend!



Have you guys ever heard of Bloglovin’?

Since you’re reading this.. I know you occasionally check out at least one blog, but if you’re like me you probably have a few more that you like to check in on and read.  For a long time, I had my favorites bookmarked and would check them at night when I got home from work.  Then, I heard about this really helpful app/website that changed the way I read blogs – Bloglovin’.  It’s certainly one of my most used apps, I love how easy it makes staying current on your favorite blogs!

I use it both online and on my phone, and both are really user friendly. Here’s a snapshot from my main landing screen on the website with some of my favorite features highlighted: bloglovin 1Here are just a few reasons why I can’t live without Bloglovin’

  1. It saves me so much time! No need to use bookmarks to navigate to all of the different blogs I like to check in on.  This consolidates all new content into one feed streamlining the process.
  2. I LOVE that you can organize your favorite blogs into groups.  If you’re in the mood to read a fashion post, click on your fashion/beauty group and all you will see is the posts from the fashion/beauty bloggers you follow. I also LOVE that they’re alphabetized.. ahh organization!
  3. It’s a great app / website to use when you have a few minutes to kill.  Waiting for a friend at Starbucks? Check bloglovin’  It’s an easy activity that doesn’t have to suck you in for hours like other apps (cough.. Pinterest..)
  4. Finding new blogs- this is a great tool for finding new blogs that you might like! I love checking out the ‘popular’ and ‘find blogs’ buttons.
  5. Both the website and the app have a clean, streamlined, organized look.
  6. You can ‘like’ posts, and it saves a list of the posts you like.  I use this a lot when I read something I know I’ll want to use later- like a recipie

I highly reccommend giving Bloglovin’ a try- I really think you’ll like it.. plus if you hate it, you can just delete your account / the app (it’s free! so you aren’t out anything)  If you do give it a try, be sure to follow me! Note: Bloglovin’ in no way compensated me or even knows I’m writing this post… It’s just a tool that makes my life easier and I thought you might like it too!

Do you use a reader to stay up to date with your favorite blogs? I’d love to know which one & how you like it!


Hawaii – Day 5 {The Island Tour}

The whole week I looked forward to Saturday, our fifth day in Hawaii.  I was so excited for it, because it was island tour day!  I can’t take credit for this tour, my friend who used to live in Hawaii actually took me on this island tour last year when I visited.  If you’re staying in Honolulu, I would highly reccommend getting out of the city, and checking out the entire island.


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Hawaii – Day 4

On our fourth day in Hawaii we headed to Pearl Harbor.  I was a bit nervous because when I tried to get tickets online on the National Park Service website it said they were all sold out. I heard sometimes if you get there early, they have tickets leftover and you can get some, so we headed out and arrived there a little after 8am.  On the way we made a quick pit stop at this amazing bakery one of my friends who lived in Honolulu took me to last year, Leonard’s. Leondard’s is famous for their Malasadas I can’t even begin to describe how great these little treats are,so  I’ll let this picture do the talking:


They are filled with a variety of fillings custard, dobash (chocolate), haupia (coconut) and other flavors of the month.  Mmmmm! (Now I want a Malasada!) I got the custard, G got the dobash.  They were a totally sweet way to start the day.

We arrived at Pearl Harbor a little past 7, walked right up to the desk and got tickets for the 9am tour.  We wandered around checking out the different sites as we waited for our tour time.  Here are some of my favorite snapshots from the day:


USS Missouri on the left, USS Arizona on the right.

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Hawaii – Day 3

After our beach day at Waikiki beach, we were both a little bit sunburned so we wanted to think of something we could do that wouldn’t put us out in the sun all day. We debated what to do for awhile, and finally settled on the Atlantis Submarine Tour. I thought the tour was okay, I would have rather been diving but since G is not certified we compromised settled on this. I think the submarine had potential to be cool, but the visibility off of Oahu just isn’t that great in my experience. I think somewhere where the visibility is better, the tour would be infinitely better. I also wouldn’t recommend it if you get seasick/claustrophobic easily G was not feeling so hot during the tour, I think he was relieved when it was over 🙂 Here are some of the pictures from the tour:


The Submarine

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Tips to relieve a sunburn & minimize peeling

This past week in Hawaii, I got a little sunburned.  I hate getting a sun burn.. hate it, hate it, hate it!  First of all it hurts and secondly I don’t like the unevenness that develops when your skin peels.  I’m all about a nice consistent, even, golden tan.  I know spring break is coming up, so while I’ve got sunburns on the brain, I thought I’d share some of my best tips to help relieve your sunburn and to minimize peeling skin.

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