Photographer? Check!

So a few weeks ago I blogged here about how we were starting our photography search. It was so much fun, but also stressful!  I think part of the reason it stressed me out is because photography is the one thing that’s really going to last from our wedding day.  The food will get eaten, the music will end, the flowers will die.. but these photographs we’re going to have forever.  I mean, they’re the pictures our kids and grandkids will look at one day.

Naturally, I started our photography search online { how did brides ever plan weddings before the internet? } I made a Facebook post asking my friends for recommendations, and I also started looking at a few of my favorite review sites – the knot, wedding wire, yelp etc..  I wanted to look for photographers with great reviews, and lots of them!  To me- someone with one 5 star review is okay, but I really want to someone with many 5 star reviews.. I probably looked at 50-60 different photographers.

From there,  I narrowed it down to a handful (about 5/6) photographers who I was interested in meeting with.  I contacted each one, and requested that they send me package information.  Most of the packages were similar, there was one that I thought was way high (to the tune of 10k! yikes!) I decided not to meet with that photographer- even if we loved her there was no way we would use up so much of my budget on photos.  We set up four meetings over the course of a week.  As we met with each photographer, I used the note sheet I created.  When we left, G and I both gave each person a rating between 1-10.

Of the four, we had two we really, really, really liked and two that we didn’t really connect with right off the bat.  It was so hard to pick between our top two. We liked both (for different reasons) but obviously we could only pick one. We had one we liked just a teeny bit better, but being indecisive I needed some reassurance. So I turned to some of my friends and family, showed them the websites and tallied their votes.  One that we actually were liking better, was the overwhelming favorite with our friends & family. It made the decision much so much easier.  You have no idea how relieved I was earlier this week when we signed the contract and put down our deposit!

I’m so excited for our engagement and wedding pictures! I think we’re going to try and do engagement photos in the city in late summer/early fall.   Until then, I’ll be scouring Pinterest for some photography inspiration.  Here’s the link to my Wedding & E-Photo Board.

Now it’s time to turn my attention to finding a DJ!





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