Oh Monday…

Today was totally a Monday… and such a blah January day. I’m over winter, done being cold, sick of the grey short days. So on my lunch I decided to treat myself to a little Monday-pick-me-up. I tried out a new nail salon not far from my work called Toe Paradise. I’d driven by it a bunch of times, but today I felt compelled to stop in to have them remove my month old {yes you read that right.. month old!} Christmas red glitter no chip mani…

Total sidebar: I’m a huge fan of no-chips, but the only pitfall is that I can’t take them off myself. That gets under my skin- because when I want it off it’s usually 10 at night when I actually have free time… Not during nail salon hours- so I have to make it a point to swing by to get them taken off… Which I usually forget to do several times- which is how you get a month old, mani in desperate need of removal.

Ok so back to my Monday… So I swung in to have them taken off, and I was pleasantly surprised! This new place was huge, clean, and the employees were really nice! I ended up also getting a quick polish change- and I went for something totally outside my usual comfort zone… Pink, purple, and blue glitter & sparkles!


They’re a bit ‘kid-ish’ I guess… but so what.. #YOLO right? {did I really just use YOLO– ha, the nail polish must be rubbing off on me! } I like it for now and it’s regular polish so I can take it off whenever I want. In fact, it totally brightened up my blah Monday!

Sometimes it really is the little things in life, like a $7 polish change that can make turning that frown upside down a little easier.

Here’s to a kick-ass week!



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