Inspire Me 2014 – Day Six

Every weekday this month I’m linking up with Showered with Design & Happiness is not a Destination for their Inspire Me 2014 Blog Challenge.

Day Six: A list of top 5 things that make you happy

1. Summertime– I love summertime and everything that comes with it… sunshine, a nice tan, longer days, fruity drinks, pool days.. just that feeling that people have in the summertime, everyone is more relaxed and laid back!

2. Freshly washed laundry – Is there anything better than the smell of freshly washed clothes? I don’t think so… It’s just the whole process of actually doing the laundry I could live without!

3. Traveling– 2013 was a great travel year for me, Hawaii, Mexico, Germany and a few other small trips within the US.  I’ve already got a Caribbean vacation, and another trip to Hawaii on the calendar for 2014, so hopefully it will shape up to be another great travel year!

4. Office Supplies – I’m obsessed with office supplies.. sharpie pens (the best!), cute file folders, planners, calendars.. the whole nine yards.  I love having a colorful and organized work space!

5. Spending quality time with friends, family, & G – I may not always have lots of time to spend with friends/family, but I want the time I do spend with them to be quality time!   Some of my favorite ways to spend time with them:  girls nights, date nights, and dinner with my family!



Showered With Design

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