Inspire Me 2014 – Day Four

Every weekday this month I’m linking up with Showered with Design & Happiness is not a Destination for their Inspire Me 2014 Blog Challenge.

Day Four: When is your birthday?

My birthday is August 22nd!  I think this year it falls on a Friday which should be fun!


Showered With Design

6 thoughts on “Inspire Me 2014 – Day Four

  1. August is a good month 🙂 When I was younger and wanting to actually celebrate my birthday I was kind of envious of all the summer babies just because there’s more options. Such as going to the beach or something. Thanks for linking up with us! So nice to have you. I see you’re part of the 2014BloggerChallenges….I am too 🙂

    • So funny you say that, because I always wished it was during the school year when I was a kid. I was sad I didn’t get to bring in treats for my classmates, and a lot of my friends would be on vacation whenever I’d have my party!

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