Stay Warm


Here in Chicago it’s forecasted to be brutally cold tonight into tomorrow. Our high for tomorrow is -11! Schools and stores are already closing, flights are getting canceled and some towns have even delayed garbage pickup.

I’m lucky that I can work from home tomorrow, I’ll be snuggled up with coffee and lots of warm blankets! As we plan for tomorrow, I’m reminded that not everyone is so lucky to have a warm home to escape the cold in and some workers with essential jobs will have to brave the cold and work. I know that sometimes it’s easy to take a lot of things, like having a warm home, and the ability to work from home for granted.

If you’re in the area impacted by this Arctic blast… Stay warm!



6 thoughts on “Stay Warm

    • Have any of them posted pictures / videos of themselves throwing boiling water into the air and watching it turn to powder? That seemed to be a pretty popular activity around these parts today 🙂

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