2014 Blogger Challenge: week 1

The topic for the first post of the #2014BloggerChallenge is going to share a quote or picture as our “New Years Inspiration.”

Here’s mine:


It’s so easy to feel pressured into saying  y e s .  I’m a serial over committer and this is something I’m really going to be working on in the new year.  Sometimes I say y e s because I feel pressured to,  sometimes it’s things I genuinely want to do but I just don’t have time for.  My hand automatically shoots up when someone asks for a volunteer.   Then I get into situations like this summer- where I had an event for my sorority Wednesday, G’s birthday on Thursday, our engagement party Friday {that I had to prepare all the food for}, and my sister’s graduation party on Saturday.. it was pure insanity!   Somehow I always seem to manage to get everything done, but it majorly stresses me out in the process.  I’m also guilty of saying  y e s  to others even when it means saying  n o  to myself, and this is a habit that needs to stop this year.  I need to be better about making quality  time for me.

I hope in 2014 you’ll join me in saying  y e s  to yourself!



12 thoughts on “2014 Blogger Challenge: week 1

  1. Wow you must have been really stressed for those few days, organising and preparing the food for your party would have been stressful enough without those extra days!! It’s something I’m guilty of (and probably a lot of women too), you agree to do something and then say to yourself “why did I just say I would do that?!”. I’m going to be like you and make sure that I really mean yes when I say I will do something!

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  3. This is something I need to do differently as well. As a mom of two little ones I get roped into a lot of things I should just say no to.

  4. Totally agree! Sometimes it feels so easy to say yes, then later on you wish you had said no. But you still get it done…..I need to take your post on board for myself this year! 🙂

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