Color Combos I Love: Part Four {Our Wedding Colors}

Earlier today, I was reflecting on my favorite posts from 2013 and I realized I forgot to post the final part of my Color Combos I Love series– our wedding colors!  I’ve known these would be our wedding colors for years, long before we were engaged.  Picking them was actually quite simple; we used G’s favorite color and my favorite color…. Green & Purple.  Our color scheme has slightly evolved; it will be purples and green with black and/or champagne accents.

These aren’t the exact colors we’ll probably end up using, but rather general idea of what I’m going for.


For the bridesmaids, I’m thinking I’d like them to wear either black or champagne dresses, but I’m not opposed to a light purple, grey, or even a light pink.  Honestly, I care more about findings something that looks great on each of my bridesmaids, then forcing them into a specific color or dress style.  I’m not opposed to everyone having dresses that are unique, but all  with the same color and designer although I think I’d like a cohesive look.

I saw these dresses by the Dainty Yard on Pinterest, and my interest was piqued. I really like the concept, and it would allow everyone to have a dress that suits them all with one cohesive color.  I also know how these things usually work out, and they’re usually too good to be true, but at under 50 bucks each, I think it might be worth it to buy one and see if it looks as good in person as it does on Pinterest.   These are three of my favorite colors that they’re currently offering:

the dainty yard

Slate – Nude Pink – Light Taupe

This next dress just might be my favorite of all the bridesmaid dresses I’ve looked at (and I’ve looked at a lot!)  It’s the Donna Morgan ‘Rhea’ one shoulder chiffon.  I love that you can even get this dress at Nordstrom.  The light pink Petal is just soft enough to make me think that a light pink could actually work with my color scheme, but it’s also one of those things you kind of need to see in person to make a decision on.

Black - Petal - Sterling

Black – Petal – Sterling

Jim Hjelm has two dresses that I really like a lot.  The first is 5375 I think this dress is almost perfect, but if you added a crystal sash like this one it would be perfection!

Jim Hjelm 5375

Bridal beaded oval crystal sash. Rhinestone ribbon wedding belt

Crystal Sash

I’m also a big fan of the Jim Hjelm 5374, and unlike the one I previously posted I think it has enough going on that it doesn’t need a crystal belt or anything extra!

Candlelight - Black

Candlelight – Black

One of the things I’m most excited for, but also nervous about is finding a florist.  I love flowers, and it’s so easy to blow your budget on flowers.  I’m seriously scared to see what our quotes come in at!  I’m probably going to have to compromise when it comes to florals, but one thing I’m really not willing to compromise on is me carrying a bouquet that looks like this.


As for table centerpeices, I really like submerged centerpieces.  I think they are a great way to magnify the florals, and I think they allow you to focus on quality, over quantity.  With the right lighting, they can be very striking, and totally modern. Here are some of my favorites:


From the Southern Hospitality Blog @ The Biltmore House


Loving the use of green apples to incorporate the green color

Sarabella Tuscan Art Little Green Apples

Sarabella Tuscan Art Little Green Apples

I’m also really into using baby’s breath right now. I think done right (re: by using a LOT) it can be very romantic!  Here are some of my favorite ways I’ve seen it used:

From Style Me Pretty

From Style Me Pretty

This massive pouf of Baby's Breath really makes a statement!

This massive pouf of Baby’s Breath really makes a statement!

Why not submerge it?

Why not submerge it?

If candlelight was an actual color, I’d be using it.   I think that a room full of candles just brings a glow and romance that’s hard to replicate. Allowing candles was one of the first questions I asked each of the venues I visited, if they responded that they weren’t allowed, they were off my list – no joke!  Here’s one of my favorite table-scapes that looks striking without the major reliance on flowers!   There will be lots of candles at our wedding, without a doubt!


Robertsons Flowers

I could keep going, but I don’t want to give away all my secrets and ideas! I want there to be some element of surprise for our guests.  This is the last post in my Color Combos I Love series.  In case you missed a post or two, check out the links below!

Color Combos I love:

Part One: {Pink, Gold and Coral}

Part Two: {Black, White and Bling}

Part Three: {Beachy Blues}

Part Four

I’d love to know what you think, have you enjoyed the series?

Is it something I should continue in 2014? 

Maybe you’re planning a wedding but need a little inspiration- send your color schemes my way and let me play around with them, I’d be happy to create a post for you!



7 thoughts on “Color Combos I Love: Part Four {Our Wedding Colors}

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  2. Aww those are such beautiful colours!! I love all of it. Actually there are a lot of similar colours to what I choose for our August 2012 wedding 🙂 I had lots of green and white (natural) flowers; I had “pantone” on the sash on my dress, and my husband’s attendant of honour was wearing a pantone-coloured dress; and my girls were wearing dark dresses (navy). I should have my wedding photos back very, very soon! I can’t wait to post about them.

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