2nd Annual Favorite Things Party

Earlier this month, I hosted my 2nd annual favorite things party!1000456_10100852045975135_1931054866_n Of course, I managed to take no pictures of the setup or anything—hopefully I’ll remember to next year.   The concept is simple, every guest has to choose one item to be their favorite thing.  I set some guidelines this year to keep things consistent:

  • Had to be new with tags/gift receipt
  • Had to be store-bought
  • It needed to cost at least $10

So everyone picked a favorite thing, and then they had to buy and bring 3 of them to the party.

Tip: Last year I asked everyone to bring five items costing $6, however we thought that $10 was a better price point because it can be hard to find something nice for $6.  You can set your price point and item limit at whatever you want though!

This year, for my favorite thing I picked one of my favorite winter  candles from Bath and Body Works, the Fresh Balsam 3-wick.  I was able to plan ahead and pick them up when they went on sale 2 for $22.


click image for link

Before the party I picked up cute & inexpensive gift bags from Target for the ladies to take home their new goodies in. I also found really cute chalkboard gift tags and mini baskets that we would use to draw the names from in the dollar section.  The party setup was minimal, I wrote everyone’s name on a gift tag and tied it to the gift bags which I setup downstairs on our pool table.  Then I also labeled each of the three baskets {basically 1,2,3} where the ladies would enter their names.

The food I prepared was totally low key: spinach dip & Hawaiian bread, chips/salsa/guac, a veggie tray, cookies, and these really cute caprese pops Note: do not be fooled.. mine looked nowhere near as cute as the ones pictured in that link!  I had bribed my guests to bring a drink or snack by promising them they’d be entered to win some of my other favorite things. Guess what? The bribery worked: ) they brought such delicious items! I highly recommend bribing your guests to bring things too!

As each guest arrived, I asked them to setup their favorite things on the pool table downstairs, then we went up to the kitchen to snack, drink, and mingle while we waited for everyone to arrive.   Once the last guest arrived we all headed downstairs to get the party started!  I handed out sheets of paper to everyone and asked them to write their names three times (four if they brought a food/drink to share).  Then I passed around the buckets and everyone put their name in each one.

Here are a few tips:

  • Don’t use sticky notes (learn from my mistake- they’ll all stick together)
  • The number of bins/baskets you have should correlate to the number of items you ask each guest to bring. If they bring 5 items, you’ll want 5 buckets and everyone should write their name 5 times.

I went first, I stood up introduced myself and said a few sentences about my favorite thing.  Then I drew one name from each of the three baskets and distributed my items to the three lucky ladies whose names I drew.  Then we discarded the names so they wouldn’t be pulled again.  To make things easier, I decided that the person whose name was drawn first would be the next one to stand up, introduce themselves, draw names and pass out their items- unless they had already went, in which case we would go on to the second name drawn.

I was so surprised at how great my friend’s favorite things were… I secretly wanted every single one!  Here’s what they brought:

  • Makeup goody bags with bare minerals eye shadows
  • Clinique eye makeup remover
  • Scarves
  • Body Butter from the Body Shop *this savvy shopper picked the big tubs up on Black Friday for $10… they’re regularly $28!
  • Foot Massagers
  • Bath and Body Works Japanese Cherry Blossom Body Lotion
  • Target Gift Cards
  • Sentsy plug-ins
  • Tangle Teezer brush
  • Makeup / face wipes

I love having my favorite things party early in the month of December, before things get too insane with the holidays.  I always get great gift ideas from this party and it’s a great time of year to catch up with friends I haven’t’ seen in a while.



I’m already looking forward to next year, I think I’ll keep the $10 price point the same but I’m thinking of creating an award / prize for the savviest shopper.   Have you ever hosted a favorite things party?



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