A Bavarian Thanksgiving

A few weeks ago G and I took a quick trip to Germany with my mom and sister.   Instead of boring you with the hundreds of pictures I took, I thought it would be fun to share the highlights compliments of my Instagram feed!   Without further ado here’s our little Insta journey through Bavaria.

Wednesday Nov 27th:  After a crazy morning at work G and I headed to the airport for our flight to Frankfurt.  We departed around 6pm CST and landed in Frankfurt around 9am Thursday, Nov 28th (Thanksgiving day!)  When we landed, we hit the ground running!  We rented a car and drove to our first destination, Nuremberg.  We had heard that Nuremberg has the biggest and best christkindlesmarkt.  Unfortunately for us, it opened on Friday – oops!  We were still able to walk around and check it out, but I was a little disappointed we had made this mistake. Here’s one of the pictures I snapped while we wandered around.



As it got dark, we all were getting tired and hungry.  We used Yelp and Trip Advisor to find a place to eat (these were a HUGE help throughout our whole trip!) Since it was Thanksgiving, I went with some Turkey Schnitzel, German potato salad, cranberries, and a beer (of course!)  It was a fun twist on Thanksgiving dinner!

Thanksgiving Dinner

Thanksgiving Dinner

After dinner we headed back to our hotel and crashed!  The next morning (Friday the 29th) we woke up and packed our bags and got on the road for our next destination Rothenburg.  I loved the cobblestone streets and adorable shops! It was so quaint and old.. we have nothing like that here in America.  We basically wandered the whole town, took lots of pictures, and did some shopping. Everything was decorated for Christmas and it felt so homey! (I totally want to move here)


Christmastime in Rothenburg

We visited the Rothenburg Christkindlmarkt as well and enjoyed some Gluhwein.  The Rothenburg Chrristkindlmarkt was much smaller than Nuremburg’s, but it was still fun and festive!

Gluhwein in Rothenburg

Gluhwein in Rothenburg

Saturday (11/30) we packed up again and headed south west to Füssen.  We were all in awe of the Alps, we’ve all seen mountains here in the states.  It had recently snowed and everything was just beautiful.  The evergreens were covered in a beautiful blanket of snow.  We were also in awe of the Neuschwanstein Castle, it was magical!

Neuschwanstein Castle

Neuschwanstein Castle

The next day December 1st, we headed to Munich where we would spend the rest of our trip.  After visiting the quaint towns of Rothenburg and Füssen it was fun to be in a big city!  We spent the next two days exploring Munich.  I really enjoyed our time in Munich because I was able to see many of the places I had read about in college!   The weather was actually pretty nice, albeit a bit cold!

The Glockenspiel

The Glockenspiel

On Tuesday, we made our way to the Munich airport for our flight home.  Coming home was a looooooooong day.  We woke up at 6 in Germany (11pm back home!) our flight left at noon and landed here in Chicago at 3pm.  None of us were able to sleep at all on the way home so we watched a ton of movies instead.  I think I watched about 6 movies, and read a few hundred pages of my book.   When G and I got home we decided it was in our best interest to stay awake until our regular time to make the next day less painful.

Heading Home

Heading Home

I’ve glossed over many of the small details, but lucky for you I love talking about trips I’ve taken! If you have a question or comment shoot me a message, I’d be happy to go into greater detail!!



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