Wedding Trend: Late Night Snacks via Food Trucks

The Late Night Snack (LNS) trend has been going strong for quite some time now and not only is it fun, but the LNS serves a practical purpose as well. After a night of dancing, it’s easy to work up an appetite and by providing your guests a little something to munch on at the end of the evening it will help to keep everyone on the dance floor until the last song has been played! Plus, who doesn’t love a tasty snack after a night of drinking, I know I do! Food trucks have recently been everywhere they’re on TV, in the news, and on street corners near you! I absolutely love food trucks for a quick lunch and I think they’re perfect for a LNS at a wedding!

Photo from Style Me Pretty

Photo from Style Me Pretty

The way I see it, most food trucks fall into one of the following three categories: comfort food, ethnic food, or sweet treats. Since I’m living in Chicago I thought I’d showcase some local food trucks I think would make a delicious addition to any wedding. Never fear if you’re not in Chicaoland, the food truck phenomenon is nationwide and with a simple search I’m sure you’ll find plenty of results close to home!

Sweet Treats:

Beavers Coffee + Donuts (on twitter @BeaversDonuts)


These donuts come with a variety of toppings – from regular to the gourmet and according to their website they do cater!  I think the following  donuts sound especially delicious:

  •  The Grandma: honey and graham cracker crumbs
  • Nutella Dream: Strawberry sauce and Nutella
  • Reese’s: chocolate sauce and peanut butter sauce sound especially delicious.

GiaVia Sweets  ( On twitter @GiaViaSweets)


This is a food truck I frequently see around Schaumburg; they offer gourmet pastries.

The Chocolate Turtle Cupcake, Red Velvet Cupcake  and Naked Cream Cheese Donut really intrigued me.. and who am I kidding every picture on their site looked DELICIOUS!  Served with some milk or coffee these would be a perfect nightcap!

Comfort Food:

Toasty Cheese ( On twitter @MyToastyCheese)


This truck frequently parks near my work, and I’ve enjoyed every sandwich I’ve had from them!  They’ve got classics as well as many gormet options.  Here are a few  of my favorites:

  • The Great Dane: American and Cheddar cheese with Applewood smoked bacon on Panini bread
  • The Hannah Banana: Deep-fried Nutella, banana puree and marshmellow fluff on Panini bread
  • The Ragin’ Regan: Pepperjack cheese with carmelized jalapenos and onions on Panini bread
  • The Kim Classic : American and cheddar cheese on Panini bread

The Meatloaf Bakery ( On twitter @MeatloafAGoGo )

rqatntfdcqpft9ajij96The MeatLoaf Bakery offers award –winning meatloaf cupcakes and bite size loafies, providing a whole new spin on comfort food!  My mouth literally started watering while I was perusing the menu.  Here are a few of the items they offer that I thought sounded particularly delicious:

  • The Mother Loaf: Beef, pork and veal cozy up to onions, ketchup and a special blend of seasonings and herbs. Delicious hot, yummy cold! Topped with Yukon Smashers with a side of demi-glace. As seen on Food Network’s Sugar High.
  • Loaf –a-roma : Gooey fresh mozzarella cheese, sun dried tomatoes, fresh basil, and a splash of red wine make this beef and Italian sausage meatloaf a favorite. Topped with a swirl of angel hair pasta and served with our own marinara sauce. Featured on Cooking Channel’s Food(ography).
  • El Loafo Del Fuego:  A robust mix of ground pork with chorizo, green olives, hot peppers, almonds, garlic and a touch of sherry. Topped with Garlic Spuds and served with a sherry-mushroom sauce.


Ethnic Food:

Taquero Fusion  ( On twitter @taquerofusion)


Taquero Fusion provides tacos with a Latin Twist, as I was looking at their website I stumbled across the Taquero Fusion – After Party   that would be perfect for a LNS.  This package includes Taco Cart catering service for 1 hour with 2 entrees: Fajuta Chicken and Carne Asada, and their signature Caribbean Slow Roasted Pulled Pork.

Getta Polpetta   ( On twitter @GettaPolpetta) 8cc1601075bb3803c611b60e64f0f431

Getta Polpetta is a mobile Italian meatball food truck.   The Polpetta Sliders a single meatball on sweetbread with grilled onions pickles and American cheese would be the perfect size for a LNS.  I’m also drooling over the sound of the Polpetta Lasagne which basically sounds like a lasagna meatball.. mmmm!

This list is just a few of the many Chicago Food Trucks; there are so many more trucks offering delicious food options in nationwide!

Here are a few important things to keep in mind if you’re considering having a food truck at your wedding:

  1. Do they  cater?  Some don’t! You should be able to find this out on their website.
  2. Will your reception venue allow it? It could be a conflict of interest, so be sure to check with them before you put down a deposit or sign a contract!
  3. Have they catered a wedding or other large event before? Ask for references! Can they handle your reception volume?
  4. How big is the truck? You’ll want to know the dimensions to make sure it will work with your space
  5. Do they have utility requirements? A power source? Drainage? Be sure your reception space will accommodate their needs.
  6. Don’t forget to do a taste test! yum!!



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