My 2013 Christmas Wishlist

holiday wish list

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1: My current iPad is a first generation, and I love it but it’s starting to show its age.  I’ve been wanting  to upgrade to a newer iPad for a few months now.  My current debate is if I should get the  Air or the Mini with Retina display would be a better fit.  {If he’s reading this, I’m confident G’s eyes are rolling.. I think we all know how fond he is of apple products}

2: I really would like a pair of gloves that are touch screen compatible so I can use my touch screens when outside, without having to take off my gloves. I really liked that these Isotoner smarTouch gloves don’t limit you to only using one finger.

3 & 4: I’ve wanted a pair of Hunter Huntress boots (I probably will need the Huntress version because I have seriously have biggest calves in the world) and a cute Welly sock to go inside.  These would be perfect for the rainy days; plus they’re a classic, so I’m sure that I’d get great use out of them in the coming years.

5. I’ve wanted this Miss Dior perfume for awhile, but I’ve hesitated buying it for myself.  Sometimes, when I want something I hold off on buying just so I can add it to a Christmas / Birthday wish list.  It’s certainly not something I need, but I do like it!

6. I really can’t wait to try out the Naked 3 Palette by Urban Decay; it has 12 new rose neutral shades.  I think this would make a wonderful addition to my makeup collection.

7. I got a trial of this Supergoop CC cream in my Birchbox– I mixed it with a bit of my daily face lotion and it was just perfect; the coverage was not too heavy, or too light. Since my sample size is almost gone, I’m really hoping Santa will pick me up a bottle!

8. I would love one of these throws by Giraffe at Home. I think every kid I babysit has one of these little blankies by Little Giraffe, and they are made from the softest material ever.  When I saw that they make adult sized throws.. I knew I needed one!  I’m loving the gray, or the brown one.  It would be perfect for hanging out in the living room watching a movie!

9. I’d really like a Jambox for our house. One of my friends has one in her condo and I was pleasantly surprised with the sound quality! I think this would be perfect for our kitchen and since it’s easy to move, we could bring it downstairs when G has his friends over for poker– a win-win!

10.  I absolutely must have this Barefoot dreams Bamboo Chic Lite wrap.  I tried it on a few weeks ago at Nordstrom, and fell in love. It was seriously so comfortable, and I have a love for open cardigans.  I might not be able to wait until Christmas for this one; I have a long flight coming up that I’d love to have this for!

11.  A new half zip monogrammed sweatshirt would be great, and Etsy is one of my favorite places to look for monogrammed goods.  The one pictured is by Silver Thread Embroidery. Since my office is super casual, a sweatshirt totally works most days.  Most of mine are from college, and they’re starting to get kind of old so I guess it’s time to pick up a few ones.  Plus I’m currently obsessed with monograms, and I pretty much want everything I own to be monogrammed : )

12.  If Santa is feeling extra generous this year, I’d love this Louis Vuitton Neverfull GM bag.  It’s been on my wish list for a few years now, and I was seriously SO close to pulling the trigger on this a few weeks ago, but G talked me out of it by reminding me that we have a small little thing coming up, called our wedding that I should be saving for {he’s so much more sensible than me..}  So alas, I guess this will remain on my wish list.


Linking up with cheers y’all & Down with the Dearmores  for the first part of the these are a few of my favorite things series:

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One thought on “My 2013 Christmas Wishlist

  1. hey girlie!! i’ve been eyeing hunter boots for years and still haven’t bitten the bullet. love those and the cute socks to go with!!! 🙂 i’m also a sucker for a good throw…those are lovely!!!

    thanks so much for linking up with us, dear!!! looking forward to tuesday!!! 🙂

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