Color Combos I Love: Part Three {Beachy Blues}

I’ve been so terrible about posting lately! I’m excited to finally share the third installment of color combos I love. I decided to showcase a color that I haven’t really blogged about at all… Blue!  To be honest, I like blue but it’s always been my sister, Michele’s color.  If we were playing a game that required choosing colors, hers was blue.  She was always wearing blue, it was her favorite color.  It has kind of stuck, and even now when shopping blue makes me think of her.  So, while I love blue it will not be one of the colors I use for my wedding.. but that doesn’t mean I can’t have fun styling a blue wedding here on the blog!

A romantic destination wedding set on a tropical beach would be so much fun- and the perfect place to incorporate.. you guessed it the color blue!

Seriously, could you have a more naturally breathtaking ceremony setting than this one at the St. Regis Bali Resort.  I think not!

St. Regis Bali Resort

Personally I love the gradient of blues in the water coupled with the clear blue skies.  With a destination wedding, I think Save the Dates (STD’s) are even more important than with a more traditional wedding.  As a general rule of thumb you should try to send STD’s 6-8 months in advance of the wedding.  Personally, I think with a destination wedding, you’re okay to even send them sooner if time allows. I would also try to give guests as much information as you can regarding hotels, and where you’ll want them to be and when.  I was looking on Minted and came across three STD’s that I thought would be perfect for a destination beach wedding.

This first STD is meant to look like a ticket. I love that you could personalize it for destination. Minted offers STD in a variety of shapes, but I thought this one was particularly cute.  I’d probably tie a bit of string around the top to jazz it up a bit! You could also send information about local hotels, and hole punch it and use the string to keep all of the information together!

Come Fly with Us Save the Date Cards

Come Fly with Us Save the Date Cards

This next STD channels the beach without screaming ‘HEY I’M A BEACH WEDDING!”  I personally think it’s a bit more tasteful than palmtrees and seashells.  I really like the design of the waves at the bottom.

Contemporary Chic Save the Date Cards

Contemporary Chic Save the Date Cards

Okay, this last STD was just too cute not to share! It’s definitely right for a young fun couple, or a bit more of an informal event.  I think even if you’re having a formal affair, you can (& should) have a little fun with the STD’s!  It would be really cute to give away glasses as favors to match the ones on the STD.  Not only would it tie back into the STD, but it’s a thoughtful and practical favor.  It could also make for some really cute group photos!

Shades Save the Date Postcards

Shades Save the Date Postcards

Even though you’ve sent STD’s, you do still need to send an actual invitation.  Here are a few of my favorites also from Minted:

For this wedding, I’m using the gradient of blues as my color inspiration and the next two invitations channels that vision perfectly.  The first is ombre (light to dark)  ombre is so in right now– everything can be ombre from your hair, cakes, to your bridesmaids (more on this below!)

Ombre Stripes Wedding Invitations

While I like the ombre invite, I love this next invite.  I like how it pulls in the color scheme (blues) and the horizontal blue stripes channel the waves and blue gradient of the ocean.  I think this subtly pays homage to a beach wedding without being overly ‘beachy’.  It’s just the right mix of fun and formal.

Horizon Wedding Invitations

If you’re looking for a bit more whimsy, then perhaps this final invite is just what you’re looking for.  I love the use of fonts on this invite.  The anchor monogram at the top is adorable- and you could totally us this to brand for your wedding.  Think: napkins, dance floor projection, programs, fans, the cake.

Whimsical Kelp Wedding Invitations

I’m pulling my bridesmaid inspiration from the gradient of colors that is the ocean. Mismatched bridal parties are really in right now.  I love the idea of having each bridesmaid in a different shade of blue.

blues painting

Shades of Blue Inspired by the Ocean

You really have a lot of options with using different shades of blue.  You could ask everyone to buy the same style of dress, just in different colors or you can ask everyone to select whatever they feel most comfortable in as long as it fits into the color palette.  As you can see in the below picture, each of the women has a dress that is different, but they don’t look out of place.  Even the fabrics are different, and it totally works!

mismatched BM dresses

Here’s another example of a well done mismatched bridal party. In this instance they each purchased one of those dresses that can be worn in many different ways from etsy seller Loca Loves Pirate.  I think this is so clever, and it’s certainly something they should be able to wear again.


One cool trend I’ve seen around is having the bridesmaids walk down the aisle from darkest to lightest, with the bride coming last in white.  I think this is really subtle and most people probably wouldn’t pick up on it, but it’s a fun way to have an ombre bridal party!

For the bride, I selected this pretty and flowy dress- perfect for a beach wedding! After Six Bridal Gown 1034

For the groom & groomsmen, I’d honestly probably do Khaki’s and a white shirt but I already did that in this post so I’m going to go a slightly different route here- khaki pants with a white shirt, tie and navy blue sport coat.  I’d keep the jackets unbuttoned to keep the vibe casual and beachy.

Khakis, white shirts, and a navy jacket

Khakis, white shirts, and a navy jacket

To tie into the bridesmaids I’d ask the groomsmen to coordinate with the bridesmaid dresses. One of this nice things about going for a less formal outfit for the men, they might already have some of the clothes needed to complete the look, and if they don’t they could buy the items needed and have them forever instead of renting.

Personally, I’d keep the florals light at this wedding.  I came across the following picture, and could not find the original source but I think it would be perfect for a beach wedding.  It ties in the seashells very tastefully.


For centerpieces, I personally like the idea of keeping it simple and keeping the florals to a minimum.  I’d use what you’ve got- sand and shells, and pull in lots of candleight to keep it romantic.  Here are a few examples:

This sea-inspired centerpiece is easy to make and can be used all year round. "A rustic wooden tray provides the base for the rectangular glass vase filled with sand, candles and a variety of seashells," Katrina Giles of Seaside Interiors says. Add vibrant shells and starfish for an extra boost of summer hues.

This sea-inspired centerpiece is easy to make and can be used all year round. “A rustic wooden tray provides the base for the rectangular glass vase filled with sand, candles and a variety of seashells,” Katrina Giles of Seaside Interiors says. Add vibrant shells and starfish for an extra boost of summer hues.

Sand, shells, and a candle

Hydrangeas & shells

I came across the following place card holders on Etsy and knew they’d be perfect for this beachy wedding.  placecards

After looking at all these seashells, and pictures of the beach I need a vacation!  I’m feeling majorly inspired to start brainstorming for our honeymoon!


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6 thoughts on “Color Combos I Love: Part Three {Beachy Blues}

  1. Gorgeous! It is so SO amazing to read about proper wedding etiquette from you : ) All brides-to-be should consult with you SLASH it’s not too late for you to become a wedding planner. I absolutely love this theme, especially the mismatched bridesmaids. I usually do not like this but with the pictures above it just works.

  2. Very pretty!! I miss the beach so much…. I really want to go back to Jamaica with my husband. We’ve been to a few tropical destination, but Jamaica was our favourite so far!

    I also love the different shades of blue for bridesmaids dresses. I *almost* did that for our wedding, but then finally decided to go with all navy dresses.

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