30 Things I’m thankful for – week 1

This November, I wanted to challenge myself to post something each day that I am thankful for.  Posting daily would probably never happen, so I plan to post weekly on Sundays to summarize the previous week’s days/items I’m thankful for!  I hope you’ll stick with me for the next few weeks as I share 30 things I’m thankful for!

November 2013

1. I’m thankful for my education: I’m certainly no Ivy League scholar, but I am cognizant of the fact that not everyone in the world (or even America) has access to the kind of education that I have had.

2. I’m thankful for G: I seriously have no idea how he puts up with me on a daily basis, the man deserves some type of award.

3. I’m thankful for technology: I mean seriously, without technology, this post wouldn’t be possible 🙂 . I also finally got my new iPhone 5s and I’m very happy with it (G just loveeees it.. ha ha NOT!) I also recently discovered that with my Amazon Prime subscription I can live stream many shows/movies which has been pretty cool as well. It’s crazy how much we are able to do, things that even just a few years ago would have never been plausible.

What are you thankful for this week?


Week 1: Nov 1- 3

Week 2: Nov 4- 10

Week 3: Nov 11- 17

Week 4: Nov 18- 24

Week 5: Nov 25-30



4 thoughts on “30 Things I’m thankful for – week 1

    • You’re welcome to borrow the idea, if you do be sure to link back- I’d love to check it out!
      I went from a 4 to the 5s, there really is a pretty noticable difference! Plus it’s nice to finally have Siri- I just have to remember to use ‘her’ 🙂

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